Sunday, July 31, 2016

Another charming British cop

A detective who left cards in pub toilets falsely claiming his ex-girlfriend was a prostitute before sending her coupons for pornography has been sacked.

Ian Mangham was dismissed by Scotland Yard after a 'cruel and vindictive' campaign of abuse against his former partner Agnes Collowey.

The detective sergeant, based in Barking and Dagenham, met the mother-of-two when her 'troublesome' partner wrongly reported her missing to police.

But after they split in 2013, after four years together, he began bombarding her with unwanted postal deliveries, including magazines and pornographic films.

He also placed adverts for her supposed services in pub toilets and phone boxes, leading her to get phone calls and knocks on her door all through the night.

Mangham, 50, was jailed in May for 16 weeks after being found guilty of harassment and was ordered to pay £3,000 to his victim and £500 costs. He was also placed under a restraining order.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed today that Mangham had been sacked without notice for discreditable conduct after 26 years of service with the force.

Assistant Commissioner Helen King said: 'Victims of domestic abuse have historically often failed to report offences against them in part because they were not confident that the police would take their allegations seriously and provide them with appropriate support.

'Much good work has been done to counter this belief, so for an officer to be convicted for domestic abuse brings very significant discredit to the police service and undermines the efforts of their colleagues.'

During the case, Hammersmith magistrates' court heard that Ms Collowey, 38, received a note through the door of her home in Chingford, apparently written by her ex, which read: 'Romanian whore. Dirty prostitute, get out of our street.'

She was also bombarded with junk mail after Mangham completed coupons in her name for products such as jewellery engraved with the words 'To my best lover' and pornographic films.

Giving evidence in court, Ms Collowey, a massage therapist, said: 'Letters were coming every day from different companies.

'Some were very upsetting, like one which offered to look after my dog after my death and I received a letter from an undertaker's and a mobility company.'

She said calls from local men seeking sex then began. 'One called for sexual services and said he found my number in the mens toilet of a Chingford pub,' she said.

'I was constantly receiving text messages and some were very rude and I had people knocking on my door in the middle of the night.'

One call was from a pub at the end of her road and another from a phone box opposite Highams Park train station, where a leaflet advertised Agnes's address and phone number.

She said she also received mystery 'aggressive' texts and had her dustbins pushed over.

Mangham told the court he was not behind the harassment campaign and insisted that he 'wished her well' after their relationship ended.

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