Tuesday, July 05, 2016

'Defending your property should be your right': Charges against homeowners prompt petition

Community outcry over charges laid against two men who police claim used 'excessive force' while performing a citizen's arrest on a man alleged to have broken into their business, has sparked an online petition.

The Greenfields father and son, who are due to face court on July 1, were jointly charged by Mandurah police with grievous bodily harm.

On April 3, about 7.20pm, a stolen Isuzu utility was allegedly used to force entry to a business premises on Rouse Road, Greenfields.  A number of items were loaded into a trailer attached to the utility.

During the incident a 38-year-old man linked to the Isuzu was detained by the two men associated with the business premises.

Police are alleging the men used excessive force to detain him, causing him to receive serious injuries which required medical treatment in hospital.

The case against the men has outraged many in the local community including Ashley Mildwaters, who has started an online petition on change.org calling for the charges to be dropped.

"A Greenfields business owner and his son have been charged over the alleged assault of a would-be thief," Mildwaters wrote on the petition page.

"Actively defending your property should be your right, the force necessary to protect yourself, your family and your property should be [decided] by you. "Not the government and not the police."

Since going live the petition has attracted more than 1,300 supporters.

Police said the man detained by the pair had since been released from hospital and, "as such inquiries into the circumstances surrounding his presence at the business premises, and his link to the stolen vehicle, will now be progressed".

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