Saturday, July 23, 2016

Award-winning detective who repeatedly had sex with an 'extremely vulnerable' crime victim is sacked

An award-winning detective has been sacked for repeatedly having sex with an 'extremely vulnerable' crime victim.

Detective Sergeant Simon Chubb, who has been honoured for his work with those affected by crime, formed a relationship with the woman and tried to cover his tracks when an investigation was launched.

The pair had sex 'multiple times' and he accepted an expensive watch from the woman, who had gone to the police about a long-term harassment, despite knowing that was not allowed.

Chubb, from Bristol, also gave the woman his personal phone number.

When internal investigators began a probe into the relationship Chubb, an officer of 28 years, tried to get the woman to withdraw her statement. But despite being 'immensely distressed', she bravely refused and told him 'I can't lie'.

Chubb was found guilty of gross misconduct by a panel and was dismissed from Avon and Somerset police.

Alice Meredith, representing the force, said: 'He was aware of the vulnerability of Ms A because it was explained to him before his first meeting with her.

'He then met with her and spoke to her about the circumstances. He was aware of her particular vulnerability. 'There is evidence she was immensely distressed and upset.

'Throughout the course of this investigation, he has sought to discourage her and others from cooperating.  'This was an extremely vulnerable individual, who was pressured by the officer who was aware of his power over her.'

Chubb had won three awards and commendations for his work on murder cases and with victims before he was asked to interview Ms A last July.

She was the victim of alleged long-term harassment, and was 'extremely vulnerable' and asked for him personally because he had interviewed her before.

Chubb visited Ms A alone at her home and spoke to her about personal matters after finishing their interview. He said he was 'single and looking for a relationship' and gave her his personal mobile number - rather than his work number - saying she could call him at any time.

The hearing was told he had done so to 'instigate' a relationship and when she called him to talk about the case he asked her out for coffee.  The pair went on dates and Chubb slept over at her place and they had sex multiple times - something he denied, saying he had 'slept on the couch'.

In January this year, the relationship was made public and a Professional Standards Investigation (PSI) was launched against him.

He denied it was a sexual relationship and investigators were initially rebuffed by the victim, who asked her friend to speak to officers instead.

Her friend, Ms B, said the victim was 'extremely vulnerable'.

When approached again, Ms A agreed to give a statement confirming the sexual relationship but Chubb pleaded with her to retract it, in a bid to cover up his wrongdoing.

He messaged her on Facebook, saying the force was 'trying to kick him out' and begged her to 'please, please withdraw your statement'.

He also wanted her to influence Ms B to withdraw her statement, but the victim said: 'I can't lie.'

In his written evidence to the panel in February, he carried on denying he had a sexual relationship with Ms A and denied any wrong doing.

Representing Chubb, Peter Land from the Police Federation said the defendant could not attend because of a medical condition.

But this was dismissed by the chair of the panel - who also rejected two appeals to hold the hearing in private - because no medical certificate was presented.

Mr Land said: 'It is his choice that he is not here. It is sad.  'No officer in this room will doubt the character of DS Chubb and the work he has done for the force over the past 28 years.'

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