Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Rapist Britsh police officer who carried out a spate of sex attacks on women while working as a family liaison officer is jailed for 18 years

There seems to be a lot of this in Wales

A former police officer who preyed on women and carried out a string of sex attacks has been jailed for 18 years. Jeffrey Howard Davies, 45, carried out the attacks while working as a family liaison officer for South Wales Police.

During his trial, jurors were told Davies conned a vulnerable woman into thinking she was going to a police station but instead drove her to a darkened mountaintop before raping her on the bonnet of his car.

Cardiff Crown Court heard Davies was drunk when he attacked a second victim in her own home.

Prosecutor Susan Ferrier said both women suffered in silence for more than a decade amid fears they would not be believed. However, they decided to come forward after reading news reports that married father-of-two Davies was jailed for three years in 2013 following separate sex attacks on two victims of domestic abuse.

In handing Davies a lengthy prison term, Judge Jonathan Furness QC said the defendant had 'not shown a shred of remorse'.

Davies was handed a prison sentence of 10 years and six months for the attack on the first woman and a consecutive term of seven years and six months for the rape of the second female.

He will also be on the sex offenders' register for the rest of his life.

The court heard Davies used his job to prey on the women for sex and was able to get away with it because he was 'hiding within the police'.

After branding the defendant arrogant, Judge Furness added: 'You believed you were untouchable.

'Both women have spoken of the adverse effects that this has had on their lives.

'You have not shown a shred of remorse or concern for your victims.'

The first woman told a jury how Davies turned up at her home and asked her to attend Tonypandy police station in 2002.

But instead he took her to the nearby Bwlch Mountain and put his hand up her skirt before raping her on the bonnet of his car.

A court heard the woman was 'vulnerable' at the time and suffering from depression. In a victim impact statement, read aloud by Ms Ferrier, the woman said Davies knew she 'did not have any support' in her personal life and described giving evidence in court as incredibly difficult.

'I felt that I had to convince the jury that I was telling the truth and not him,' she added. 'I felt like I was on trial and not him.'

The second woman, who was violently attacked in her own home, said in her statement: 'I did not report it for all those years because I did not think anyone would believe me.'

She said since the attack she had suffered with severe anxiety and had lost two stone in weight as a result of the stress.

After the verdict Chief Supt Dorian Lloyd, Head of South Wales Police Professional Standards Department, said: 'Our thoughts are with the victims of Jeffrey Davies at this time.

'To go through a court case of this nature as a victim of rape or sexual assault takes great courage and my hope is that today's guilty verdict will provide some sense of closure to the victims and their families.

'Davies was dismissed from South Wales Police in 2013. He abused his position as a police officer and gave no regard to the traumatic effect that his actions would have on his victims.

'These were vulnerable women who having encountered Davies found themselves subjected to an appalling abuse of trust.'

Wales Independent Police Complaints Commissioner Jan Williams added: 'He was a sex offender hiding within the police service committing fundamental breaches of trust placed in him as a police officer.'

The court heard Davies' wife Rebecca was standing by him, telling the court: 'We have a loving relationship, he's my best friend and looks after me and the children.'

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