Saturday, July 16, 2016

OK: Aggressive WHITE moron gets what he was asking for

Police have released disturbing bodycam footage that shows an officer shooting an unarmed burglary suspected dead after the cop mistook his raised hands for a weapon.

Andrew Robert Henson, 25, died after being shot multiple times by officer Robert Reynolds, 45, just before midnight on June 7 in Oklahoma after he fled a traffic stop and then rammed a cruiser.

Footage of Henson's final moments show him fleeing his crashed car while screaming 'you're gunna have to kill me, n*****' before raising his hands at Reynolds, who opens fire.

Reynolds fires four rounds, striking Henson several times, before he stumbles and falls to the floor.

In the moments after the shooting, Reynolds can be heard breathing heavily before telling Henson not to move as he lays face down on the ground.

Reynolds can be heard telling a second officer working alongside him that Henson had a weapon, adding: 'He pointed it at me.'

The second officer can then be seen moving toward the body and checking it for any sign of a gun, before revealing that Henson was unarmed.

Several more moments pass as Reynolds continues his panicked breathing, before he says simply: 'F***.'

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said that the incident started after Reynolds stopped Henson in the city of Wagoner late on June 7 for a traffic violation.

During the stop, Reynolds checked Henson's name for outstanding warrants and found he was wanted for burglary in Mississippi.

As Reynolds approached Henson's car and tried to arrest him he fled, leading officers out of the city and back again as he attempted to run them off the road.

After Henson drove at the deputies, they fired several shots at him but did not strike him.

Henson then made his way back to where the pursuit started before ramming a police cruiser twice and rolling his own vehicle.

It is at that point that the footage begins, showing Henson fleeing his overturned car before being gunned down.

Reynolds has been put on paid administrative leave while the district attorney investigates the shooting to decide whether the use of deadly force was justified.

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