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The shocking moment a Texas cop body slams a black woman to the ground twice

There is no doubt that police are resentful of black hostility and aggression but that resentment found an unfortunate outlet on this occasion.  Black aggression sparks counter-aggression from cops.  It's a natural reaction. It's a vicious circle and it may be an unbreakable one.   If cops were to go easy on blacks, it might just make blacks more cocky, which will inevitably end badly

Two Texas police officers are under investigation after a shocking video captured the moment one of them body slammed a black female school teacher to the ground twice during a violent arrest.

Breaion King, 26, was stopped for speeding on June 15, 2015 while on her lunch break by white police officer Bryan Richter in Austin.

Video captured on Richter's dash camera shows him violently arresting her surfaced Thursday more than year after the incident.

In addition, separate footage was released by authorities that revealed the disturbing conversation about race between King and another white officer, Patrick Spradlin. He told her that African Americans have 'violent tendencies.'

Richter said he clocked her car speeding at 50mph in a 35mph zone traveling eastbound on Riverside Drive, according to the Austin America-Statesman.

Video captured on their patrol cruiser's dash camera shows them pulling up behind King, who parked in a parking spot and got out of her Nissan Versa.

Richter can be heard telling King to get back in the vehicle and she complied with his orders.

He then stands next to the driver's side of the vehicle and can be heard asking for her driver's license.

Richter then told King, who is finishing a master's degree at Texas State University, that she was being stopped for speeding.

'But I'm already stopped so can you technically stop me,' King asked while gathering her documents to give to Richter. 'Because you didn't pull me over because I parked.'

'Ma'am you were about to go inside without a wallet, so I know you're only coming here because you knew I was going to pull you over,' he replied.

'I can ask the other police officer if you had already parked yet,' Richter added. 'Let me see your driver's license, put your feet back in your car so I can close the door. Put your feet back in the car so I close your door.'

King, who weighs 112-pounds, does not comply with his request and that's the moment when the situation escalated dramatically.

'Okay stand up for me ma'am,' Richter can be heard saying on the video.

'No, why are you touching me?' King yells out. 'No why are you touching me, oh my God!'

'Stop resisting, stop resisting,' Richter yells back at King, as it appears he is reaching inside her vehicle to pull her out.

Richter can be heard yelling 'stop resisting' at King several times, as the car's horn goes off from the struggle taking place inside her car.

'Get out of the car,' Richter shouts to King, who replied that she is getting out and asks him to let her get out on her own.

She then tells him to not touch her, as the video shows him pull her out of the car and body slam her to the ground pinning her.

King is screaming as Richter yells at her to 'get her hands behind her back' before telling her that he is arresting her.

'Oh my God, why are you doing this to me?' King emotionally asks.

Richter continues to tell King to get her hands behind her back, as she questions why this is happening in shock.

The officer then tells King, 'I'm about to tase you,' while the two continue to struggle before Richter body slams her to the ground again.

After more words are exchanged between the two, Richter places handcuffs around King's wrists before aggressively pulling her up off the ground.

Another officer approaches the scene to help Richter, as they both push King towards the front of the police cruiser.

Separate footage recorded a conversation between King, who is distraught and handcuffed inside the backseat of the police cruiser, and Spradlin.

He engaged in a conversation about race and police with King as they neared the jail. 'Why are so many people afraid of black people,' Spradlin asks King.

She replies, 'That's what I want to figure out because I'm not a bad black person.'

'I can give you a really good idea why it might be that way,' the officer tells her. 'Violent tendencies.'

King then asks Spradlin if he thinks that racism still exists and he replies, 'Let me ask you this. Do you believe it goes both ways?'

'Ninety-nine percent of the time, when you hear about stuff like that, it is the black community that is being violent,' he can be heard saying.

'That's why a lot of the white people are afraid, and I don't blame them. There are some guys I look at, and I know it is my job to deal with them, and I know it might go ugly, but that's the way it goes.

'But yeah, some of them, because of their appearance and whatnot, some of them are very intimidating.'

King was cleared of a resisting arrest charge after Travis County prosecutors viewed the video of her arrest.

After the incident, Richter's supervisors looking into his use of force and was issued the lowest level of discipline, counseling and additional training, by the Austin Police Department.

However, his conduct was not formally investigated by internal affairs, as Spradlin never faced punishment for his comments at the time.

Now, since the videos have been published by the media, both Spradlin and Richter are under investigation by officials.

According to the Austin America-Statesman, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo said the department has opened an administrative review into how 'Richter's supervisors evaluated his actions and a separate criminal investigation.'

In addition, Spradlin's comments to King are also being investigated, though Acevedo said under state civil service law he cannot take further action beyond a written reprimand against the officers since the incident happened more than six months ago.

'After reviewing both videos, I and our leadership team were highly disturbed and disappointed in both the way Ms. King was approached and handled and in the mindset that we saw on display in those videos,' Acevedo said. 'But there is another piece, which has caused concerns as to our review process and the systems we have in place.'

He added that he regrets he was unaware of the situation sooner.

'We need to help our community overcome the fear or reluctance, which I understand, to file a complaint,' Acevedo said. 'This is critical if we are to weed out bad officers and bad behavior.'

Neither Richter or Spradlin have previous suspensions with the police department.

King told the Austin America-Statesman that she is considering filing a lawsuit against Richter and the Austin Police Department.

She has hired attorneys Broadus Spivey and Erica Grigg to represent her.

'When I looked at this video, I was heartbroken because I thought, 'That would never happen to me because I'm white,'' Grigg told the newspaper.

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