Monday, August 01, 2016

One cop fired and another resigns after video shows the two severely beating a handcuffed suspect who spat on them

I would have thought that hitting out at someone who spat at you would be a strongly extenuating circumstance

Two South Texas police officers are no longer with the force after being caught on a dash camera beating up a 23-year-old man they had taken into custody.

McAllen police officers Luis Zuniga and Ulysses Bautista used 'unnecessary force' after suspect Aaron Soto spat on Zuniga during the May 13 arrest, police said.

Zuniga resigned during an internal investigation into the incident, while Bautista has since been fired.

Video from inside the police cruiser shows Zuniga pulling Soto out of the car after the spitting and throwing him onto the road, CBS 4 News reported.

Bautista then kicked Soto several times, which can just be made out in the clip. 'Now you get an extra charge,' Bautista could be heard saying.

Soto can be heard moaning in pain at this point in the video.  He suffered a left cheek fracture and 'intracranial bleeding' from the incident. Soto was taken to a clinic for medical treatment.

'The City of McAllen remains steadfastly committed to continue serving the needs of the community in a manner consistent with all applicable laws, rules and regulations to avoid and prevent similar incidents from arising in the future,' police said in a news release.

Police say that Soto was arrested for suspicion of DUI, harassment and resisting arrest.

Soto, 23, failed a breathalyzer test with a .207 blood-alcohol content reading.

It was not immediately clear if those charges were dropped following the investigation.

Video taken before the spitting appeared to show him complying with Zuniga's orders.

The McAllen Police Department fired Bautista July 20 and Zuniga, who no longer performs law enforcement duties, resigned effective Sept. 9.

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