Friday, August 05, 2016

Update on London cop Michael Graham

His trial was mentioned here on June 14

A sadistic police officer who was recorded repeatedly raping a woman after she installed a sleep app on her iPhone has been kicked out of the force.

PC Michael Graham, 49, was jailed for 16 years for his campaign of physical and sexual abuse against the victim on his houseboat in Uxbridge, west London.

He controlled his victim for months by telling her no one would believe her because he was a Met Police officer.

Booting him out of the police force, Assistant Commissioner Helen King praised the victim's 'courage and resilience' in reporting Graham to his colleagues.

At trial, the court heard how the officer tied the victim up, slapped her and choked her and also boasted that he would end up killing her.

He also branded her a 'slut' and a 'c***'.

Sound recordings of two of his attacks were captured on the victim's iPhone and were played to jurors during the Old Bailey trial.

Graham, a former marine who saw action in Yugoslavia, insisted that her repeated screams and shouts of 'No' were just part of their sexual fantasies and role-playing.

He was convicted of seven counts of rape and one count of sexual assault over a nine-month period from 24 December 2013 after trial at the Old Bailey.

Graham was cleared of two specimen counts of rape which each alleged he raped the complainant on at least 10 occasions.

Assistant Commissioner King said: 'The conviction of a police officer is always a serious matter and in this case is very clearly a breach of professional standards so serious that dismissal is the only option.

'At a time when much work has been done to improve the confidence of victims to report sexual offences to the police, the negative impact of an officer being convicted of rape and sexual assault in these circumstances is very obvious.

'His actions have very clearly brought the police service into disrepute.

'It is immensely to the victim's credit that she had the courage and resilience to report these matters and see them through the traumatic process of a trial to achieve PC Graham's conviction.'

He added: 'These convictions are so serious, as is the impact on the victim and on public confidence more broadly, that there is only one appropriate outcome in this case. That is for PC Graham to be dismissed without notice.'

Jurors were told that Graham became increasingly violent and aggressive after giving up cigarettes and using the drug Champix.

The victim said she did not initially go to police because he told her: 'I'm a police officer, I can do what I want, I'll tell people you are mad.' She said she finally decided to make a statement in September 2014 after he made repeated threats to kill her.

The woman told officers: 'I would just say "No I don't like it. I don't want you to hurt me". 'But he just did it anyway. He made threats if I didn't do it. I was absolutely terrified of him. 'I knew I had to leave because he is going to kill me next.'

The victim started using the iPhone sleep app to record Graham's increasingly aggressive rants and captured two separate sex attacks.

Graham, who served in the borough of Hounslow, can be clearly heard slapping her as she cries out in pain and repeatedly tells him 'no'. When she tells him: 'Don't hurt me', he replied: 'I like hurting you.'  Later he says: 'I am going to beat you to death in a minute I can see it coming.'

She is also recorded begging: 'No please, please no', followed by the sound of a slap. Graham tells her: 'I'm going to kill you one day, do you think?'

Jailing Graham for 16 years, Judge Peter Rook said: 'You were domineering and controlling, it seems you obtained sexual gratification from arguing with her, punishing her and committing violent non-consensual sexual acts against her.

'It took extreme courage to report the matter to the police, no doubt you thought that you would be able to control her so that she would never do so.

'She felt you could do what you wanted because no one would ever believe her - you've caused untold and continuing psychological damage.'

The former officer was also barred from contacting the victim on his eventual release.

Graham initially denied hitting or tying up the woman but later claimed that he was too embarrassed to reveal details of his sex life to police officers, and claimed he had erectile dysfunction.

After being played the recordings, he said it 'appeared bad' but insisted that was how they had sex.

Graham, of Poole, Dorset, was convicted of seven counts of rape and one count of sexual assault. He was dismissed from the Met Police without notice.

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