Wednesday, August 03, 2016

More British police goons

Northumbria police are investigating claims some of its officers may have been too violent during the arrest of a man after video of the incident emerged on social media.

The footage, which has been viewed almost 53,000 times, shows the incident on Stanhope Road in South Shields, near Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, late on Thursday night.

A resident overlooking the road heard the late night commotion and filmed it on her mobile phone.

It was initially shared on Facebook, alongside the caption: 'This was right over the road from my house in South Shields early hours of this morning.  'In the first video he gets kicked in the head, and in the second he gets the back of his neck kneeled on and he passes out.

'There was really no need for this, ended up with a riot van and 3 cop cars for one lad.  'No wonder the police have a bad name.'

A spokesperson for Northumbria Police said: 'We have been made aware of a video on Facebook involving our police officers attending an incident in South Shields .

'We are very concerned about what this video appears to show and would like to assure people we are taking action to identify those concerned and establish exactly what happened.

'We are treating this very seriously, we expect our police officers to act with the utmost professionalism and we will take robust positive action against any wrongdoing.'

Command Chief Superintendent Ged Noble added: 'I want to start by saying again that we expect the highest standards of behaviour and professionalism from our police officers and if these standards fall short then we will take action - because the public must have confidence in their police always doing the right thing.

'It's also important to say that every day our police officers put themselves in harm’s way to protect the public and this often means having to confront, detain and arrest very violent people and our officers regularly show great courage in doing this.

'In relation to the incident on Stanhope Road, South Shields in the early hours of Friday morning, we have a dedicated team of detectives actively looking to identify witnesses to this incident so we can establish exactly what happened because the footage that was posted on Facebook is not conclusive.

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