Sunday, October 23, 2016

Mother was 'groped' by police officer who accused her of being drunk when she called 911 after a minor crash

Video at the link below shows that he clearly did grope her

A mother claims she was groped by a police officer who accused her of being drunk after a minor car crash.

Amanda Houghton called 911 when she was rear-ended by another car earlier this year while driving along a road in Layton, Utah.

However, when the male officer arrived at the scene, he suspected that Houghton was drunk so conducted sobriety tests before putting her hands in cuffs and giving her a pat down.

And now Houghton has launched legal action to sue the Layton Police Department, after she says the the male officer groped her breasts as he conducted the search, even though she asked him to stop and was later found not to be under the influence of alcohol.

It comes after the Layton Police Department released footage of her arrest that was captured from an officer's body camera.

It shows Houghton with her hands cuffed behind her back after failing the sobriety test, which she puts down to being in shock from the car crash.

The officer then begins to pat her down, but the mother shouts: 'Don't touch me!' The policeman then responds saying: 'I can search you, and that's what I'm doing.'

She continues to object to being searched but the officer continues his pat down, warning Houghton she has to comply.

Houghton told Fox 13: 'It was horrible, I was yelling at him to stop touching me. “Get somebody here to watch you grope me," I think were my words, I felt very violated.'

While her lawyer Robert Sykes added: 'I don’t believe they should have administered the field sobriety tests at all in this case.

'I think this amounted to an unconstitutional search of a woman without a necessity to do so.'

However, Layton Police say they believe the officer didn't do anything unlawful and added they only have three female officers on the force so males often carry out searches.

Judges are now set to determine if Houghton has a case and if the charges against her can be dropped.

Meanwhile her lawyer has offered a settlement to Layton City on behalf of his client, but they are yet to respond.

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