Tuesday, October 18, 2016

London cop is caught on camera 'dragging 13-year-old girl by her hair like a piece of meat while handcuffed'

A police officer appeared to drag a terrified 13-year-old girl in handcuffs across the ground 'like a piece of meat'.

The drama unfolded minutes after a trivial row at the school gates.

The Metropolitan Police has now been accused of brutality after Katelynn Murphy King was allegedly forcibly restrained and handcuffed by a policeman outside the gates of Wapping High School in east London.

The footage, obtained by the East London Advertiser was captured on an iPhone by her twin sister.

It appears to show the Bethnal Green Academy pupil being hauled across the pavement on her knees with her hands in cuffs.

The schoolgirl's family claim police used unnecessary force and the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has been called on to investigate.

Joan Whittaker, 51, Katelynn's grandmother, said: 'This policeman wasn't tackling a grown man, this was a little girl of 13. 'It was extreme force and it absolutely was not justified.'

The youngster was restrained after arguing with a 16-year-old pupil from Wapping High School who had allegedly goaded her and branded her 'a slag' before trying to kick her.

The twin sisters were visiting the secondary school in Commercial Road to meet a friend when the row broke out.

'My grand-daughter lifted her hand as if to slap this girl,'  said Mrs Whittaker. 'But there was no physical contact with these two kids, it was just two kids having a dispute and the policeman went too far.

'He came up behind my grand-daughter. 'Katelynn didn't know he was there and he restrained her on the ground and on her side in handcuffs. She's not struggling, she's compliant. 'She tries to get up and he just drags her like a piece of meat.'

Mrs Whittaker branded the officer's actions 'out of all proportion to the incident'.

Katelynn's family released the video to their local newspaper, the East London Advertiser, in the hope of receiving an apology from the Met.

'I believe the way he handled himself was disgusting,' insisted Mrs Whittaker. 'I think it's really important that the whole thing is made public. It was very excessive.  'I would even say that it was a borderline assault.'

Katelynn was taken home badly shaken after the incident at 4.15pm on October 5 and was not arrested or questioned.

The family complained to police and the IPCC has today decided an investigation should be carried out internally by the Met Police's professional standards team

She was said to have been left with badly bruised and swollen knees, a lump on her head, and severe bruises to her arms and torso.

Her family, of Bethnal Green, said the policeman also tried to threaten Katelynn's twin sister into deleting the footage from her mobile phone minutes after the bust-up.

They complained to police and the IPCC has today decided an investigation should be carried out internally by the Met Police's professional standards team.

A spokesman said: 'The IPCC received a referral from the Metropolitan Police concerning an incident outside Wapping High School on October 5. 'Following a careful assessment we have decided that the incident should be locally investigated by the Metropolitan Police.'

A statement from Wapping High School said: 'The police were called to an incident outside of school concerning the conduct of a student from another school in order to safeguard our students and members of the public. 'The matter is currently in the hands of the police.'

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