Sunday, October 30, 2016

'F*** off and die you absolute a*******': Astonishing outburst from a police worker is recorded by man she failed to hang-up on before insulting

A police staff member has landed herself in hot water after she was recorded insulting a member of the public before adding he should 'f*** off and die'.

In the audio clip the unnamed Cleveland Police worker, who thought she had disconnected the call, can be heard describing a member of the public as an 'absolute complete and utter a*******'.

 She then continued: 'You just want to say, "f*** off and die, get a f****** life will you". You just want to say that to him, don't you?'

The recording was uploaded to Facebook by Michael Carey who had been speaking to the staff member about a Subject Access Request (SAR), when she failed to hang up properly.

The pair can be heard discussing the SAR, a request for information under the Data Protection Act, when the woman appears to put the phone down.

But she did not know the call was still connected when she began being abusive towards Mr Carey.

Mr Carey wrote on Facebook: 'So, today, I called up and spoke to Cleveland Police's Data Protection Manager about a Subject Access Request I made 11 months ago and still haven't received (they've legally got 40 days by the way, approx. 6 weeks, not 11 months!).

'She shouts at me for pretty much the entire call. However, it is the last part that is interesting as she hangs up on me... or at least thinks she does!

'Apparently people wanting to ask why the law is being violated and their rights denied should just 'F*** off and die!'

A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said: 'Cleveland Police is aware of the matter and it has been referred to the Professional Standards Department or initial investigation.'

Original report here

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