Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Former Army captain was arrested, dragged from her home and questioned for 14 hours over comments she made about an ex-partner a DECADE ago

A former Army captain was arrested and taken to a military base where she was questioned for 14 hours about comments she made about an ex-partner a decade ago, it has been revealed.

Rachel Webster, 48, was arrested months after she refused to give a statement about her former boyfriend's professional conduct in Iraq.

She was allegedly physically restrained and dragged from her home, before being driven to a military base in Portsmouth 80 miles away.

The Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT), which is investigating historic abuses by British soldiers, has now admitted the arrest was 'unnecessary', The Telegraph reported.

Ms Webster had made the comments regarding her former partner -  another officer - in 2006. These comments were dealt with by her then commanding officer.

She was initially contacted by IHAT officers in October 2013. She was asked to give a witness statement about the activities of the former colleague but declined.

Three months later, in January 2014, she was arrested following a dawn raid on her home on suspicion of misconduct in a public office.

After being detained for hours of questioning she was released without charge.

Earlier this year, Ms Webster, originally from Brigg, north Lincolnshire, received £5,000 in compensation after her breasts were allegedly exposed in the wrongful arrest.

Ms Webster served in the Army for 24 years. She joined in 1989 and rose to the rank of Captain.

In 1999, she was given an award for her role in maintaining law and order while she was a corporal serving in Kosovo.

Four years later, while serving in Iraq, Sgt Webster met Tony Blair when he visited Basra soon after the invasion. She left the Army in 2013 and now has a job in finance.

Following the decision to give her £5,000 in compensation, Ms Webster said in a statement: 'Since my arrest I have waited over two years to clear my name.

'It's finally over and I can move on. Justice does prevail but at what cost!'

An IHAT spokesman said: 'Every effort was made to ensure that the arrest was carried out sensitively and we regret any distress that has been caused.'

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