Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Useless British police again

A man who suffered serious injuries while trying to protect his disabled son from a gang of youths has slammed the police for failing to bring the mob to justice.

Ian Smith, 43, was left with a black eye, a broken nose, cheekbone fractures and a blood clot on the brain when he confronted the 20 hooded thugs outside his home in Great Baddow, Essex.

He was headbutted and attacked with a baseball bat when he tried to defend his 13-year-old son Lewis, who has Asperger's Syndrome, saying the group had left him too afraid to leave his home.

Two boys aged 14 and 17, from Chelmsford, Essex, were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit GBH and were later bailed. But they have now been told they would face no further action. An 18-year-old man from Chelmsford, Essex, who was arrested on suspicion of assault has been rebailed until February 26.

But Mr Smith has blasted Essex Police, saying they 'haven't told him anything' and that the 'justice system isn't right'.

'It stinks by the sound of it,' he said. 'I had a broken cheekbone, a broken nose and blood clotting. They can't just walk away from that.

'That is bad. I think they should get sentenced at least. I am going to phone the police to see what is happening because I can't see why they have been let off, that is not right.

'It just shows these kids that they can get away with it. Especially with everything at the moment that is happening in the town with murders and shootings.

'It is not setting a good example for the police force either. They have arrested them and then they waste taxpayers' money letting them go. It is not right and I am not happy about it, that is for sure.'

Hours before the attack on October 26 last year, a gang was seen taunting Lewis outside the family home.

The teenager has been the victim of so much bullying that he has been 'scared' to leave the house, his father said. The group sent Lewis an abusive text message and were told to 'clear off'.

But 30 minutes later a much larger group returned, covering their faces with hoodies and balaclavas.

Mr Smith was attacked when he went outside to confront the group and was left with serious injuries.

Speaking at the time he said: 'One of them headbutted me, and while my head was swimming, I felt the baseball bat.'

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