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Former Miss GB policewoman faces inquiry into botched Poppi Worthington case as toddler's father could be charged over her death after CPS says it will review the case

The coverup over this matter was always extraordinary.  It now seems that the coverup was to protect an incompetent dickless Tracy

A former Miss GB policewoman is facing an inquiry into the botched Poppi Worthington case as it emerged the toddler's father could be charged over her death after the CPS reviews the case.

Detective Inspector Amanda Sadler - an ex-beauty queen who was Miss Great Britain 1989 - is to undergo a 'satisfactory performance' inquiry which could result in disciplinary action or dismissal.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) investigated three officers in connection with the botched case but said that just one of the serving officers faces disciplinary proceedings.

It comes as prosecutors said Poppi's father, Paul, 48, who has reportedly fled his home in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, after receiving death threats, could now face criminal charges after all.

A High Court family judge ruled this week that he raped or gravely assaulted his 13-month-old daughter before she collapsed and died at the family home in December 2012.

His family, who claim they are trying to get advice from miscarriage of justice experts to prove his innocence, said he is now 'hundreds of miles away' after fleeing Britain on Tuesday.

His sister Tracy told the Guardian: 'He has had to leave the country because of all of this. 'People keeping knocking on my door asking where he is thinking he is going to be wondering around my estate but he is not here.

'He has been in limbo for the past three years and there is absolutely nothing he can do because the agencies did not just fail Poppi, they failed him.

'Any evidence that could have proved that he was innocent was destroyed and now he is being accused of being a child rapist and paedophile, yet he has not been convicted of anything ... everything has been lost and there is no evidence at all that can prove my brother's innocence.'

The Crown Prosecution Service said it is now 'reviewing' its decision last year not to take any action over the case. Officials were provided with a file by Cumbrian police who were accused of carrying out a botched investigation.

The harrowing case has resurfaced following the findings of High Court Judge Mr Justice Peter Jackson following a legal campaign by the Daily Mail and other media groups.

In a fact-finding judgment released on Tuesday, his report said Poppi must have suffered terrible injuries following a sexual assault by her father at the family home in Barrow-in-Furness.

Paul Worthington is desperate to win back custody of his five other children, his sister said.

Tracy Worthington said the 48-year-old is a 'nervous wreck' after a judge this week ruled he carried out a sex attack on daughter Poppi before she died.

The 13-month-old's brothers and sisters were taken into care 10 months after her death in 2012 and are now all in long-term foster homes. But last night Miss Worthington, 45, said her brother was hoping he will be able to see them and eventually win custody.

Saying her brother is staying with friends 'hundreds of miles' from his home in Cumbria, she added: 'Paul just wants to prove he didn't do what they said he did. All he wants is to win back custody of his boys.'

The Tesco worker is said to be making plans to write a statement when a second inquest is held into Poppi's death. But experts said he could be compelled to attend the hearing. Mr Worthington has not been seen at his home in Barrow-in-Furness since the damning legal judgment was published on Tuesday.

The judge also ruled that a 'wholly inaccurate' assessment by social workers after Poppi's death led to a 10-month delay before her siblings were put into care.

He said an incompetent and 'deficient' investigation by Cumbria police meant the evidence that could have proved how she died was lost. Officers failed to begin any serious investigation for more than eight months.

The CPS said yesterday: 'Following the findings of the Family Court judge we are now reviewing the case.'

The Family Court has ignited an outcry over the way the authorities in Cumbria covered up the case. For three years the conduct of police, social workers and medical staff was hushed up, and at one stage the local council tried to persuade a court to ban all mention of the death until 2029.

In a furious Commons debate, MPs from all parties have demanded an outside police force be sent in to start a new criminal investigation.

The Daily Mail has now learned that Cumbria police defied recommendations by watchdog the IPCC to bring gross misconduct charges against several officers.

A report into the affair, handed to the force in May last year but not made available to the public, said there should be a full inquiry into DI Sadler, Detective Chief Inspector Mike Forrester and other officers.

Such hearings would have been held in public along with Home Office guidelines.

However, DCI Forrester has been allowed to retire without going before a public hearing, and DI Sadler now faces a lesser charge which, crucially, means that hearings can be carried out in secret.

Last night Mr Forrester said: 'They are trying to keep it all secret. I have said I would welcome a gross misconduct hearing for a chance to fight my corner and defend myself in public.'

As pressure piled on the force the county's Police and Crime Commissioner Richard Rhodes yesterday broke his silence and called the initial investigation 'inadequate and unacceptable'.

Labour MP John Woodcock condemned the failure to hear complaints against police officers in public.

But he said of the review by the CPS: 'This shows the public pressure to get justice for Poppi is making a difference, we need to keep pushing until we get the case properly re-opened.'

The IPCC said it will consider publishing its investigation report 'once all relevant proceedings have concluded'.

Ministers have so far declined to take any action against police or social workers before a second inquest into Poppi's death is held.

A farcical first inquest lasted just seven minutes and suppressed all information about her death.

David Roberts, the senior coroner for Cumbria, said he would decide on February 9 whether to hold a new inquest. If he decides to go ahead, the new hearing could be held later this year.

The review follows the High Court family judge's findings that Cumbria Police conducted no 'real' investigation for eight months into the death of the toddler.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said an investigation into the force's handling of the tragic death had been completed and that one officer could face dismissal.

In a statement released yesterday, the IPCC said: 'As a result of the evidence we presented, one serving officer is to face a third stage performance meeting – which has the power of dismissal if gross incompetence is proved.

'A second officer has received management action. A third officer cited in the report has since retired from the force.'

Police previously said no one would face charges over the incident due to a lack of evidence.

Photos of Poppi's final resting place at Thorncliffe cemetery emerged yesterday as it was revealed that the doctor who first examined her after her death did not have English as his first language.

He used different words to describe her state in his initial notes and in his evidence to the court.

It had previously been revealed that the paediatrician was also not aware of the protocols for infant deaths and was unable to lead the forensic medical investigation correctly.

It wasn't until a Home Office Pathologist saw Poppi's body that concerns were raised about the circumstances of her death - but police did not act upon her concerns, believing she had 'jumped to conclusions'.

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