Monday, January 04, 2016

Black Official in Mississippi Calls for Violent Assaults on Police

A Mississippi City Councilman had a suggestion for how his constituents should interact with police- and it's incredibly dumb.  It could well lead to more black deaths.  If police are attacked, they are very likely to shoot back in self-defence.  But I suppose we already knew that black lives don't matter to blacks.  Most black deaths are at the hands of other blacks

A Mississippi city councilman is in hot water for suggesting residents attack police officers from other districts and counties with rocks, bricks and bottles.

Speaking earlier in the week about police chases crossing into Jackson’s jurisdiction, Councilman Kenneth Stokes publicly stated, “Let’s get rocks, let’s get bricks and let’s get bottles and start throwing them and then they police won’t come in here anymore.”

According to WJTV, Stokes is known for his bold and often times controversial statements.

This is an absolute outrage, but it's totally typical of the radical left. Take the side of the mob, and tear down hardworking public servants who put their lives on the line to keep us safe.

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