Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bungling British cops launch drugs raid on home of innocent cancer sufferer and her elderly husband 'then kill pet dog by stepping on it'

A leukaemia sufferer and her elderly husband claim police who stormed their home in a mistaken drugs raid stood on and killed their dog.

Police officers broke through the front door of pensioners Dennis Blanchard, 67, and 65-year-old wife Joyce after receiving 'community information' their home was linked to drug activity.

The couple, from Goole, East Riding, were handcuffed, bundled into separate police cars and taken to Scunthorpe Police Station for questioning on September 9 but were bailed the same day.

Dennis and Joyce - who has chronic lymphocytic leukaemia - claim an officer stood on their treasured 13-year-old West Highland terrier Robbie, causing kidney failure which meant he had to be put down two days later.

Humberside Police confirmed the couple have now been unconditionally released but they deny harming Robbie.

Dennis, a former Hull City Council employee, said: 'When the raid happened Joyce was on the toilet and I was in bed.  'It was awful how they treated us - the officers dragged me out of bed and handcuffed me and wouldn't even let me put some more clothes on.

'It took us completely by surprise, we were so shocked we didn't know what was happening, and one of the officers stood on Robbie while he was on our bedroom floor.

'We think the officer just didn't see him and it was an accident, we know he didn't do it deliberately, but that dog was Joyce's soulmate. She still cries about what happened.'

Humberside Police executed a Misuse of Drugs Act warrant at the couple's home in Goole on the morning of September 9.

Joyce, a former factory worker who now makes and sells charity Christmas wreaths to support Hull's Castle Hill Hospital, said: 'He meant everything to me - losing him was like losing my baby.

'It was like he understood whenever I was really ill - he would come over if I was crying and lick my tears.

'I believe the shock of the raid brought my leukaemia back on worse than it was before.'

Dennis and Joyce also have a three-year-old terrier cross, Romany, and bought new bichon frise pup Zorro, aged two months, to replace Robbie.

The couple said they have no idea who would have reported their address to the police but both vehemently deny they have ever been involved with drugs.

Dennis said: 'Mud sticks, and we just want everyone to know what has actually happened and that we didn't do anything wrong so we can get back to normal.  'We hate drugs - I and Joyce have never, ever dealt with drugs.

'We have no idea who reported it but it is obviously someone who bears a grudge against us.'

At the time of the raid last year, Humberside Police released a statement claiming 'community information' had linked the raided address to drug activity.

This statement reads: 'Police in Goole have executed a Misuse of Drugs Act warrant at a property on Eastgate, Goole after community information linked the address to drug activity.

'Officers seized various items of property from the address which are believed to be linked to criminality.'

Dennis said these items were cash, a laptop, a tablet and a mobile phone which have since all been returned by police.

At the time of the raid, Inspector Stuart Ross said in a statement: 'These recent warrants are really good examples of proactive police work following calls from the public.

'I would therefore urge people to help us make a difference in bringing offenders to justice and tackling criminality by reporting anyone involved in crime in the town.'

A spokesman for Humberside Police said: 'A 67-year-old man and a 65-year-old woman were initially arrested on suspicion of being concerned with the supply of controlled drugs.  'They have now had their police bail cancelled and been unconditionally released.

'Police have not received any complaints in connection with the investigation.'

Later they added: 'There is no indication that a dog was hurt during the execution of the warrant.

'Food and water was left out for dogs at the address when their owners were in police custody and an officer attended the address later in the day to check on their well-being.'

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