Saturday, January 02, 2016

The horrific moment a police dog mauls a 17-month-old baby

The handler should be prosecuted for negligence -- but it's not happening

A police dog savaged a 17-month-old girl while cops were detaining her father for a robbery they knew he did not commit.

Ayleen Arena's piercing screams can be heard on the dashcam footage after the huge Belgian Malinois is released into the car, mauling her arm, leaving her with nine punctures and abrasions.

Meanwhile, her father was standing with cops meters away, after they detained the Spanish-speaking man in a white hooded jumper after reports of a black robbery suspect in a black T-shirt.

Since then, the city has agreed to pay the family $13,000 to settle the claim, reports the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Police were called to the incident in a shopping plaza in Henderson, Nervada, in which a customer trying to return protein powder had turned nasty and threatened to rob the shop.

The store gave police the description and said he had made off in an SUV after the incident.

Dashcam footage shows cops arriving and immediately stopping Arturo Arenas-Alvarez, forcing him to put his hands behind his head and walk away from his SUV.

He looks confused as the officers point their weapons at him, so they speak to the man in Spanish.

One of the cops can be heard saying 'That's not him, dude. That's not a black man in a black shirt,' yet police continue to detain the innocent man.

Police officers re-assure him that he does not look like the person he is looking for, telling him 'it's OK now,' and Arenas-Alvarez answers questions, trying to help the police.

Meanwhile, Sergeant James Mitchell can be heard on the radio telling officers: 'Stand by a couple of minutes. K9-1 is about two minutes out.'

The father can be heard saying 'My baby, my baby,' in broken English to police when the dog unit arrived and a police officer immediately shouts 'There's an infant in the car'.

However, the handler, who had previously believed that there may be a suspect in the vehicle, releases the dog inside, and she immediately starts screaming.

The handler can be heard saying to the other officers: 'God damn, guys, you gotta f****** tell me.'

After the incident, he says to the father: 'The last forearm, the guy didn't have anything left but bone,' as he tried to downplay the severity of the attack.

Her blood-curdling screams continue for over a minute as cops try to re-assure the father. They try to explain that they sent a dog in because they believed there was a robbery.

One officer can be heard saying: 'All that happened was totally solid. Just a s****y set of circumstances that all rolled into — what could've been much worse. So just get that whole timeline out there.'

After the incident, Mitchell and four-year-old dog Doerak were taken off the streets, which is police policy when there is an investigation, although they are now back on duty.

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