Friday, December 18, 2015

VIP child abuse witness retracts murder claims: Outrage of ex-Tory MP who was implicated by 'Darren'

A former Tory MP last night demanded an independent inquiry into Scotland Yard’s VIP paedophile investigation after a key witness retracted claims that he had witnessed two murders.

Harvey Proctor reacted furiously after the man, known as Darren, admitted that a news website had tried to put pressure on him to make allegations against people including Mr Proctor.

Darren said the controversial website Exaro had shown him photographs of Mr Proctor to try to identify him. The former MP’s home was later raided by police and he was interviewed under caution.

Mr Proctor – accused of being a member of a murderous paedophile gang including ex-prime minister Edward Heath, former Tory home secretary Leon Brittan and ex-heads of the Army and security services – called for an urgent inquiry into Scotland Yard’s dealings with Exaro.

He said it should look at Exaro’s handling of vulnerable witnesses such as Darren and a man known as ‘Nick’, who has made hotly contested allegations of serial murder and child sex abuse against VIPs.

Mr Proctor, who denies the allegations, told the Daily Mail: ‘There should be a police inquiry into Exaro and their dealings with vulnerable witnesses, and that inquiry should not be handled by the Metropolitan Police.

‘The inquiry should extend to examining links between Exaro and certain detectives in Operation Midland [which is investigating Nick’s allegations].’

Darren, now in his 30s, said he had made statements to two police forces investigating historic abuse allegations about senior politicians, celebrities and ex members of the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange. He had claimed that abuse took place in London, including at the Dolphin Square apartment block near Westminster, in Suffolk and Wales.

Many of his claims have been carried by the controversial Exaro news website.

Under the headline ‘Murder at Thornham Magna: Darren relives harrowing scene’, he was quoted as saying that he saw a boy being stretched between two vehicles and that he believed he died.

‘Both vehicles then slowly reversed and I heard a scream. I think he must have passed out because he made no more sound,’ Darren told Exaro in February. He now insists he never saw the boy being killed. In another story about alleged abuse parties at Dolphin Square he was quoted as saying that a girl may have been killed. He claims now that the girl is alive.

Darren, whose real name cannot be disclosed for legal reasons, said yesterday he had felt under pressure to make allegations and disclose names during his dealings with some journalists, campaigners, politicians and police over the past two years.

On being shown pictures of Mr Proctor by Exaro, he told The Times: ‘I had to tell them that I never met Proctor – I feel rather sorry for him now.

‘I want the authorities to realise that adult survivors should be allowed to tell their stories and walk away. They shouldn’t be hounded. I’ve been through two-and-a-half years of hell because of these people.’

He said he wants no further contact with detectives over his claims and had agreed to provide a statement to Mr Proctor’s lawyers on his dealings with Exaro. He added: ‘I feel like I’ve been used. Making the allegations has destroyed my life and left me vulnerable.’

According to reports, several people have been interviewed under caution as a result of Darren’s claims but no one has been charged.

Darren also revealed he had been in contact with Labour deputy leader Tom Watson, who made explosive claims about an alleged Westminster paedophile ring in the House of Commons in 2012.

He confirmed that Mr Watson had offered to email Scotland Yard to ‘chivvy them up a bit’ in relation to one investigation.

Asked about his email contact with Mr Watson, Darren said: ‘I don’t believe Tom Watson had my best interests at heart. I think he was trying to score political points.’

Last night a spokesman for Mr Watson said: ‘Mr Watson passed all relevant information to the authorities and acted to ensure procedures were followed.’

Mark Watts, the Exaro editor, said: ‘We have always reported the evidence and witness testimony accurately. Many survivors of child sex abuse have approached Exaro with their stories in recent years and we have featured some of them. We have always treated abuse survivors fairly.’

Scotland Yard is still reeling from recent condemnation by a committee of MPs over its protracted inquiry into a false allegation of rape made against Lord Brittan, who died from cancer in January.

The Yard also now has grave doubts about claims made by the alleged victim Nick, who last year had claimed three children had been murdered by a VIP gang.

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