Saturday, December 26, 2015

British security worker beaten up in France is ordered to court after one of his attackers claims he injured his wrist in the assault

A British security worker who was beaten up in France has been ordered to attend court after one of his attackers claimed he injured his wrist.

Andrew Johnson, from Moldgreen, Huddersfield, suffered head injuries, bruised ribs and other injuries to his left arm after three men tried to force their way into his French home in 2010.

The 50-year-old managed to fight back and shut the door on the attackers. But one of the men claimed he had been hurt by Mr Johnson and said he had to have eight days off work.

He has now agreed to return to France for the criminal court hearing after being warned he could never visit the country again if he decided not to attend.

But he has demanded protection from French authorities amid fears he may be targeted again by the attackers. He faces one year in jail if he is convicted.

He said: 'I have accepted to attend court in Marseille on one condition from the French authorities that they assure my protection at my hotel in Marseille, my trip to court and back and return to the airport to catch my flight.

'It may seem extreme but due to the attack I sustained head injuries, bruised ribs, and injuries to my left arm.

The case against the attackers was dropped two years ago and Mr Johnson was also told he would face no action.

He moved with his wife to Monaco and thought the incident had been dropped.

But as Mr Johnson was coming back to the UK in October he was detained at Marseille Airport.

He was told that a warrant had been issued as he had failed to turn up for a court case, which he knew nothing about.

He was advised to either go before the courts next month, or never return to France, where his mother lives. He says he has no choice but to go to court.

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