Sunday, December 13, 2015

New video shows the shocking moment Hispanic cops shoot crazy Hispanic  dead while he holds his hands in the air - but they WON'T be charged

The guy was behaving in a very erratic way but that does not give the cops authority to execute him

A second video has been released that shows the controversial fatal police shooting of a Texas man who had raised his hands up just before he was shot.

Gilbert Flores, 41, was killed on August 28 by two Bexar County deputies. Investigators have maintained that they believed he was armed with a knife.

The footage was made public this week after a grand jury chose not to indict officers Greg Vasquez and Robert Sanchez.

Flores is first seen in the eight minute long video yelling at police, who were answering his mother's 911 call reporting domestic violence, from the entrance of his home.

'He says he lost too many people in prison,' says a woman behind the camera in the full video that was released by San Antonio Express-News.

'He's got a knife in his hand,' whispers the man, who we later find out is filming the scene.

Flores can be seen holding an object.  'He's got a knife, he's got a knife,' the man keeps repeating.

Flores is then seen walking toward the cops with two fold-up chairs and the man indicates that he used the chairs to shield himself from getting tased by the deputies.

'He wants to be shot,' says the woman. 'He's provoking,' says the man.

Flores then goes around the cars parked in front of the house and, still holding the chairs, he picks up the now useless stun gun and throws it to the side.

An inaudible conversation continues between Flores and the deputies for a few minutes and then he picks up his chairs and brings them back to the door.

Earlier in the video Flores talks to the police from his porch and the man filming claims he is holding a knife

Flores then seems to run toward the cop car, and the man behind the camera says he's still got his knife.

But then Flores walks toward the deputies with his hands out, waving them to his chest.

He then walks behind the patrol car and is obscured for a brief moment before he walks toward the deputies again and put his hands up. There does not appear to be a knife in his hand.

A second later two shots are fired and Flores falls to the ground.

'Oh f*** they shot him?' the girl exclaims. 'Why did they shoot him?'

Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood said he believed there would have been a grand jury indictment if only the second video had been seen.

'The 911 audio, when you hear that, you'll get what I mean,' he tells the paper.  'You have a man saying he wanted to die by police officer, suicide by cop, he had been violent to his wife and to a baby and his mom was crying.' 'It's not a flattering 911 tape of the deceased.'

In the 911 call, which was released on Friday, Flores' mother tells police her son has 'gone crazy' and that he's 'beating up his wife and she's bleeding'.

She also reveals that Flores' child had a 'black eye' and said was tearing up everything in the house and just 'cursing, cursing, cursing'. 'He's got a knife, he's got a knife,' she tells the dispatcher.

Flores can then be heard yelling that it's his 'time to go'.  'I'm on parole, I'm not going back to prison,' he can be heard saying in the background. 'So I'm going to die today.'

Flores also says he's armed with a knife. 'I'm going to suicide by cop,' he says. 'I'm going to die today.'

Authorities said an injured woman and baby were found inside the house after Flores was shot, according to NBC News.

Flores' family has since filed a civil lawsuit against the deputies' and sheriff's office, accusing them of 'executing' him.

Vasquez and Sanchez were placed on paid administrative leave following the shooting and will now be allowed to go back to work.

Sheriff Susan Pamerleau said there were 'no winners' in the situation. 'A man lost his life,' she said. 'And for that, we are all saddened.'

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