Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Policeman who pursued vulnerable domestic abuse victims who came to him for help found guilty of misconduct

A policeman who pursued vulnerable domestic abuse victims and fathered a child with one of them, is facing jail after being found guilty of misconduct.

Simon Salway, 39, an officer with Hertfordshire Police, targeted the women after they had contacted police for help.  Married-man Salway was found guilty at Luton crown court of six charges of misconduct in a public office, concerning his dealings with six different women. He was acquitted of a seventh misconduct charge involving another woman.

The disgraced officer, from North Hertfordshire, denied all charges and was granted conditional bail by Judge Richard Foster. He will be sentenced in the new year.  The judge warned it was 'inevitable' that he would be sent to prison.

The court heard how the PC at Hatfield Police Station, had 'wilfully abused' his position over a sustained period of time."

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