Friday, December 04, 2015

At least TEN San Francisco cops use a volley of shots to kill lone black man armed with a knife

Ignoring police who are pointing a gun at you is so incredibly dumb that it is difficult to have sympathy with the guy.  Obviously very low IQ or as high as a kite

A black man was gunned down in the street by police after he was surrounded by officers in a San Francisco street.

Police Chief Gregory Suhr confirmed the man, who was holding a knife, was killed after the shooting in Bayview at around 5pm on Wednesday.

His description is said to have matched that of a suspected wanted for stabbing someone in a nearby street.

Now a graphic video, which has not yet been verified by police, has emerged on social media which shows a man as he is surrounded by around eight armed police officers.

Standing on the sidewalk with his back up against a wall, he suddenly appears to double over.

But the man, who appears to be dazed, stands up again and begins to shuffle away - while the cops have the guns raised and trained on him.

The camera then cuts away as a barrage of bullets are heard while people are heard screaming in the background.

Police blocked off the intersection of Third Street and Gilman Avenue in San Francisco and Muni trains were halted as they responded to the incident.

San Francisco Police Department Chief Suhr said officers fired beanbags at the man and used attempted other non-lethal force before they opened fire.

'It looks like an execution,' a local resident who told the San Francisco Police Commission, reported The Daily Beast. 'This is why we need the cameras and the video.'

Department of Public Health workers, who are typically sent out to assist families after a violent death, were at the scene in Bayview.

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