Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Woman who pulls over speeding cop bullied by police union chief

A WOMAN who ‘pulled over’ a police officer for speeding has been attacked and had her personal phone number spread on social media by the police union.

Claudia Castillo made headlines when she chased a cop who was allegedly speeding, filming the whole thing on her mobile phone and uploading the encounter to YouTube.

She said pursued the Miami police officer because she believed he was driving recklessly.  “To keep up with him I had to push the limit,” she said.  She thought he was going about 100mph (160km/h).

She beeped her horn and flashed her lights and he eventually pulled over and walked up to the woman’s car.  “The reason I pulled you over today, I’m asking you to come and have a conversation, I saw you pushing 90mph,” she said.

“I pushed 80mph to try and catch up with you but was still eating your dust and you were leaving me behind.”

The police officer listened to her and said he wasn’t sure how fast he was going and that he was on the way to work. “I don’t believe I was speeding but you’re entitled to your opinion,” he said. “I apologise for speeding and I’ll be sure to slow down.”

The woman said he should be leading by example and he agreed, told her to take care and be safe before getting back into his police car.

In a bizarre turn, Javier Ortiz, the head of Miami’s police union, then berated the woman on Twitter, called her a “#COPhater”.  Sergeant Ortiz also posted a photo of Ms Castillo driving a boat while drinking alcohol, dubbing her a “wannabe cop”.

According to the Miami Herald, the chief also posted a picture of Ms Castillo’s business card on Facebook, encouraging people to call her at work and on her mobile.

Local filmmaker Billy Corben, who had previous problems with Sergeant Ortiz online, then urged his own followers to complain about the union chief to Facebook.

Miami Herald reported the post containing the business card was then taken down. Ortiz reposted the picture but the social media site took it down again.

People outraged by Ms Castillo’s actions were calling her at work on Wednesday and she was sent home.

Sergeant Ortiz has previously posted controversial content online.

He once criticised a female Muslim Miami officer for not covering her heart during the Pledge of Allegiance and went after a woman who posted a video of an arrest in Liberty City, Miami Herald reports.

The publication reported police could not do anything about Ortiz’s appointment as the union chief and said it was up to members who elected him., not the Miami Police Department.

It is believed Sergeant Ortiz and the union did not even represent the police officer in the video.

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