Monday, February 15, 2016

Texas Newspaper Threatens to Publish Police Officers’ Names, Addresses in Retaliation for Shooting of Unarmed Man

Two articles below.  It would seem that the man above was a  victim of the very poor relations between blacks and the police.  When approaching black suspects, police are on hairtrigger alert for hostility. That sometimes means that split-second decisions are seen as needed to ensure officer safety.  Since the Left -- from Obama down -- are always stirring up black hostility to the police, the problem may well get worse before it gets better

A Texas newspaper threatened to publish the names and addresses of all San Antonio police officers after the fatal police-involved shooting of a 36-year-old man last week, Fox News reported.

The publisher of the San Antonio Observer compared police officers to sex offenders whose personal information is published to protect the public, and to the Ku Klux Klan, saying they’ll do anything they can “to protect their identities for fear of being brought to justice.”

According to San Antonio Police Department Chief William McManus, Antronie Scott, who was wanted for felony warrants, was being followed by undercover officers. As he exited his vehicle, an officer asked him to show his hands, and when Scott quickly turned around, an officer fatally shot him once in the chest. McManus said the investigation found that Scott was unarmed and holding a cell phone at the time he was shot, KENS 5, a local TV station, reported.

"Like Ku Klux Klansman with hoods, (officers) do everything they can in order to protect their identities for fear of being brought to justice," Stephanie Zarriello, publisher of the weekly tabloid, told KEN5, a local TV station.

"So, in light of these facts, we at the San Antonio Observer Newspaper Group are looking into the future prospects of publicizing the names and addresses of all San Antonio Police Department officers in order to protect our community," she said at the news conference.

"Just as the names and addresses of sex offenders are publicized in order to protect the public from their wicked behavior, we feel that our community has the right to the exact same level of protection," Zarriello said.

Original report here

Witness gives his account of Antronie Scott shooting

KENS 5 spoke to a man who claims he witnessed the shooting death of Antronie Scott. He said he was told by SAPD not to discuss anything while they investigate, so he wouldn’t talk on camera, but he did say the entire ordeal was “devastating to see.”

Police said they had 36-year-old Antronie Scott under surveillance for two felony warrants, for drug and firearm possession.

“All you heard was a shot, you didn’t hear anything like, ‘Get out of your car with your hands up,’” said Todd Ridley, who lives at the apartment complex where the shooting happened.

Ridley said he came out of his apartment to see the aftermath of the shooting.

SAPD said Scott got out of his car and turned toward officer John Lee. The officer said he feared for his life and fired one shot at Scott. Officer Lee said he thought Scott had a gun in his hand, but it was actually a cell phone.

Now that the dust has settled, neighbors are not happy with how it all ended. “There's other ways they can apprehend anybody, even if they are under investigation," Ridley said. "Apprehension is easy, they train for that."

“If worst comes to worst, they do have tasers. They don't want to use them?” Shannon DesJardin asked.

While those neighbors only saw the aftermath, KENS 5 did come across a man who claims he saw the entire incident. He said he was told by authorities to not discuss the case, but he told us off camera:

“I would've have done the same thing [as officer Lee].”

“[Scott] made an aggressive move toward the officer.”

SAPD Chief William McManus said there’s no dash cam or body camera video, just audio. SAPD does have body cameras on the way, with the first cameras to be deployed around February 21, to bike patrol and park police. Then the east substation will get cameras, with full implementation early next year.

Original report here

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