Sunday, February 07, 2016

Useless Scottish police

Shocking CCTV footage shows how a shopkeeper was brutally beaten up by a hooded thug who had threatened him twice before.

Muhammad Jawad Ali twice phoned police about the yob's menacing behaviour - but they refused to turn up to his shop because the case was not a priority.

The man later returned and pinned the businessman against a shelf, repeatedly whacking him in the face and hitting him over the head with a bottle.

The first time the man appeared at his shop in Glasgow, he loitered on the premises and threatened staff and customers, verbally abusing Mr Ali.

Two days later, he came back and started menacing others with an umbrella.

The shopkeeper called police both times, but they said they were unable to intervene and instead offered to turn up the next day for a conversation about the case.

On January 3, the man came back and wordlessly started attacking Mr Ali, a father of one, before trying to run off with the cash register.

Mr Ali said: 'The first time he came to the shop, I called the police and they said, "We can't come because he's not attacking you." I called two times on that day.

'Two days later he came again in the evening. He started getting rude and threatened customers, an old lady and me with an umbrella. He was standing here for an hour.

'I called police more than three times on that day. They should have done something when I told them he was threatening us.  'The police said there's no case for them to turn up. They said they could not come until he attacked someone. They said they have different priorities.

'Days later he came back. He didn't say a single word. He kicked me in the back and I fell onto the bottles. 'He grabbed me and started punching me for no reason. Then he tried to grab the till but he couldn't take it. He threw it on the floor and just ran away. My blood was everywhere.'

CCTV footage of the incident shows the yob repeatedly punching Mr Ali in the head and running away as the shopkeeper reels, unable to stand up normally.

He was rushed to Glasgow Royal Infirmary with facial injuries, including three fractures to his cheekbone, a further to his nose and cuts to his mouth. He is now having trouble with his vision.

Mr Ali described his attacker as white, of a skinny build, just over 6ft tall, clean-shaven and speaking with an Eastern European accent.

Police said their enquiries are continuing to catch the thug and have urged anyone with information regarding this incident to contact them.

Mr Ali said: 'After all this happened I thought they would get the guy, but no. I want to come back to work but I can't stand here by myself.

'Now it's been a month and nothing has happened. If he was caught I would be satisfied. I am destroyed from inside. My life is not secure.'

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: 'We can confirm that a call was made to the police relating to a disturbance on two separate occasions in a shop in Glasgow in December.

'On both occasions it was reported that a man had been causing a disturbance within the shop.

'All incidents are graded in line with their priority level and as there were no officers in the area available to attend the store at the time, the shopkeeper was offered advice and guidance over the phone.

'The complainer was asked to call back if things escalated. He was then invited to make appointments with the police for the following day after both reports. The shopkeeper declined these appointments and stated that he no longer wished for police to attend.

'Enquiries are ongoing to establish if the two incidents are linked to the serious assault.'

Original report here

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