Thursday, February 25, 2016

The shocking moment a woman 'shoplifter' is slammed to the ground by Florida cop and left in a pool of blood from her gaping head wound

The big brave cop was clearly gratuitously violent in smashing up a tiny woman but it is always a big risk to disobey a police command

A police officer wrestled a woman to the ground and slammed her head before she was finally arrested for shoplifting.

Dramatic body cam video shows Tiffany Tebo getting flung towards a wall outside Bealls Department Store in Wesley Chapel, Florida, on Friday after authorities confronted her about stealing a pair of shoes.

At one point, the deputy's hand can be seen around her neck, and the situation escalates, leading to Tebo bleeding severely from her head.

Speaking after the incident, Tebo, who had to get four staples put in her head, told WTSP: 'I'm all bruised up and banged up everywhere. He didn't need to do any of that.'

But Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco spoke on behalf of the unnamed deputy and defended his actions. He told WTSP: 'We're trying to put handcuffs on her, she's trying to fight. I know people will say she's tiny but a lot of tiny people cause harm.'

The body camera footage shows the deputy approaching Tebo with a member of the store's loss prevention team.

They ask her for the merchandise she didn't pay for, and she can be heard saying: 'I bought the shirt.'

The man then says she didn't pay for a pair of shoes, and when the deputy tells her to put her hands behind her back, she pleads with the officer instead of complying with his orders.

He grabs hold of her arm and throws her towards the wall, saying: 'Stop resisting me.' Tebo, meanwhile, can be heard saying: 'Oh my god, okay! Please! Ow! I'm not going to do anything,' as she is wrestled to the ground.

While Tebo screams: 'Please you can have the shoes,' the deputy has one of her arms behind her back.

But the situation escalates and the deputy can be seen grabbing her hair and slamming her head to the ground, leaving splatters of blood on the bricks.

She is already sitting on the ground when he draws his taser and points it directly at her

She is visibly distressed and tells the officer to take the shoes and let her go, while he screams at her to get on the ground and turn over with her hands behind her back.

When she flips on her stomach, a trail of blood can be seen running from her head down her back.  He continues to bark orders at her, and she cries, saying: 'I can't!'

About two minutes into the confrontation, Tebo is covered in blood and the deputy finally gets her into handcuffs.

He calls an ambulance and tells her: 'No, you don't resist! You talk after. You don't negotiate with me.'

As they wait for medical personnel to arrive, he walks over to his car and gets a towel to hold against her bloody head.

She is still crying, and the deputy can be heard saying: 'Stay there, relax. I want you to get taken care of first. That was completely avoidable. You just had to listen to me. I wasn't trying to be mean.'

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