Saturday, September 13, 2014

Shocking moment British cop is caught on camera punching a suspect who was being restrained by two other officers

This is the shocking moment a police officer appears to throw a punch at a suspect who is being restrained by two other officers.

The video, taken by a passer-by, shows the officer apparently attacking the man as he was arrested in Derby city centre in July.

Senior officers have now launched an inquiry into the incident after studying the alarming footage.

The footage shows the suspect being restrained by police and appears to show the officer arguing with him

Policeman caught on camera punching a suspect who was restrained

The video shows the suspect being pulled along Holcombe Street by officers, as he shouts abuse at a third officer who follows them down the road.

Then, as they approach a police car, the third officer appears to argue with the suspect before apparently launching himself at the man landing a punch on his face.

Filmed by an onlooker who did not want to be identified, a woman's scream can be heard before the video cuts out.

In response, a force spokesman confirmed the incident took place in late July and that an internal investigation had been launched.

At the time of the incident, the suspect had been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and public order offences.

Alan Charles, the police and crime commissioner for Derbyshire, who oversees the work of the county's force, said: 'Police officers deal with very difficult situations on a daily basis.

'The public have the right to expect officers to behave in a professional manner.

'If any officers don't meet these standards, then they can certainly expect any breaches to be thoroughly investigated and appropriate action taken.'

Mark Pickard, Derbyshire Police Federation chairman, said: 'We are confident that, if a complaint is made, then the Derbyshire force will carry out a thorough investigation.

'The force has an exemplary record when it comes to investigating complaints from members of the public about its officers and staff.

'Police officers are bound by the force's standards and the new Code of Ethics and, as such, their behaviour must meet stringent guidelines.

'Where their conduct is found to be wanting, there are also procedures in place to ensure they are dealt with appropriately.'

Lisa Higginbottom's stepbrother Sam Kirk died after being felled by the single punch of an attacker.

She launched a campaign called 'One Punch' to educate people about the dangers of lashing out.

She said: 'I am shocked to hear that a police officer can behave in this way.

'The whole idea of the campaign is that, whatever the provocation has been, people should not lash out with their fists.

'The campaign was launched in the hope that people learn that their fists are weapons and should not be used.

'It asks that when faced with a potentially explosive or tension-filled atmosphere, they take 60 seconds to think about exactly what the consequences of their actions might be.'

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