Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scum British cop

A police officer blocked a disabled parking bay with his patrol car, as he popped into McDonald's to buy a burger.

Phillip Skeates spotted the officer parking the car in the yellow zig zag zone in front of the Swindon town centre Sainsbury's.

Mr Skeates, 44, a blue badge holder, was waiting for a space in the disabled parking area as he watched the incident unfold.

He said: 'Being a disabled person, I think this is such a terrible thing to do. 'I was so angry because if anyone else had done that they'd certainly have got a ticket. This is an abuse of power.

'When he walked back to the car there were lots of people shaking their heads and tutting at the officer.

'If he'd have parked there to deal with a crime, I obviously wouldn't have complained, but I think this abuse of power needs highlighting.

'I thought perhaps he'd been called to an issue, but I could tell from his body language when he got out of the car that he hadn't. 'It was apparent he had all the time in the world and I was gobsmacked when I saw him walking back to his car with a big bag of McDonald's 10 minutes later.'

'Why didn't he just use the drive-through option nearby?'

Mr Skeates, who lives in Moredon, took a photograph of the officer returning with his burger and posted it on Swindon Town Centre Police's Facebook page.

He said: 'It was removed within seconds but I have had a message from Sergeant Graham McLaughlin, who said the image had to be taken down while the matter was being investigated.'

Despite the image being deleted, a response was later posted on the Facebook page.

It read: 'The officer involved has been spoken to and apologies for his lapse in judgement.'

The police haven't identified the officer but have apologised to Mr Skeates over the incident.

A police spokesman said: 'This officer was on a designated break and had stopped off to buy some food.

'Clearly, he has not parked his patrol vehicle in the most sensible manner and we can only apologise to other motorists who were hindered by this. 'Wiltshire Police are now looking into this issue.'

Original report here


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