Friday, September 12, 2014

Married British cop had sex with witness in his patrol car while on duty - and then 'smoked cannabis he had seized from a suspect'

A married policeman had sex with a witness in his patrol car while on duty and smoked cannabis he had seized from a crime scene, a court heard.

PC Alan King met Zoe Barham after being called to a stabbing at the bookmakers where she worked in 2011.

After collecting a witness statement and mobile number from her, the 48-year-old from Hoo, Kent, allegedly sent her text messages and the pair embarked on an affair.

The father-of-two picked Ms Barham up in his marked police car at least once every two weeks and had sex with her in an alleyway next to her house, Canterbury Crown Court heard.

During the affair. he asked her if she 'needed' drugs then offered to drop charges against a suspect in exchange for cannabis he found after being the first officer at the scene of a stabbing, it was alleged.

King denies misconduct in office, perverting the course of justice and supplying drugs.

The court heard how the pair met in June 2011 when King was called to a reported stabbing at Betfred in Gravesend where Ms Barham, 36, worked.

That week he visited the shop frequently and was even warned by a superior about his behaviour, the court heard.

After collecting her phone number when she gave a witness statement, he sent a text message to the woman on her birthday and the pair began seeing each other.

Over one year, the couple met in King's marked car and had sex in the vehicle in an alleyway next to her home while he was on duty, it was alleged.

Rebecca Fairbairn, prosecuting, said: 'Alan King had a duty as a police officer to act beyond reproach, however we say he used a telephone number given as part of a police investigation and used it just because he was attracted to this woman.'

'He had an obligation to respond to emergencies and calls from the public, that’s what he is there to do.

'But we say that instead of doing that he was visiting his girlfriend and having sex, and on occasions doing it in public.'

At first Ms Barham was unaware that King was married and had two children, she claims.

'We met in Forge Lane in Gravesend and he took me back to his home.

'I wasn’t aware about his relationship at first but I did suspect after a little while [he was married].'

'He would turn up in his marked police car and if I was at work we would just talk and have a fag.

'He would sometimes take me to my home in Gravesend in his police car.

'On one occasion he took me up an alley where we had sexual intercourse in his police car. That happened on several occasions.

'Mr King picked me up in his police car and took me there and he was in uniform. I went there because I was in a relationship with him.

The married father-of-two denies misconduct in office, perverting the course of justice and supplying drugs after being accused of taking cannabis from a crime scene and smoking it with his lover

'He promised me everything. He promised me a lot. He told me he loved me and I believed him at the time.'

The 48-year-old took her along while investigating incidents and allowed her to input information into the vehicle's police computer, she added.

While responding to a report of a man who had been stabbed in the neck, King allegedly seized cannabis from a suspect after being the first officer at the scene.

He then gave the drug to Ms Barham after allegedly agreeing to drop all charges against the suspect, Martin Reid, in exchange for them.

The affair ended when the the pair were arrested in relation an alleged fraud.

Giving evidence on PC King claimed he was going through marriage difficulties and he was flattered when Ms Barham flirted with him.

'She was very friendly and was flirting with me. 'She made it very clear that she fancied me and its not very often a woman flirted with I felt flattered and I flirted back.'

PC King said they began their affair within a week and he admitted taking Ms Barham in his police car while attending non-emergency calls.

Andrew Boughan, defending, asked: 'You would give Ms Barham lifts to and from her place of work in your marked police car?' The officer replied: 'That’s correct, maybe once a fortnight.'

He denies taking cannabis from a crime scene, telling the jury: 'I hate drugs'.

When asked why his former lover had made the allegations, he described her as a 'woman scorned'.

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