Sunday, September 21, 2014

Passenger Asks Police Why They Were Stopped, So They Handcuffed Him Then Broke His Face

A lot of police thuggery in America seems to emanate from Hispanic cops

In a video uploaded to YouTube on Monday, Officer Aguilar of the Clovis, NM, Police Department is seen blatantly assaulting an innocent and handcuffed 26 year old man.

The incident began as what appeared to be a normal traffic stop. However, Officer Aguilar approached the vehicle and never provided any information on his reasoning, before demanding license and registration from the driver.

Approximately a minute into the video the young man in the passenger seat validly asks the officer why they were stopped, and this thug with a badge demands to see his identification.

When the innocent man asked "for what?", Officer Aguilar demands he step out of the vehicle for arrest.

The officer’s partner approaches as the criminal cop is cuffing this innocent man, who is complying, and simply questioning why he is being handcuffed. Aguilar tells his partner he is under arrest for failing to show ID.

Aguilar begins to walk his victim to the police vehicle and suddenly slams this non-resisting and peaceful individual face first into the ground. It’s almost as if he deliberately wanted to do it once he was just out of view of the dashcam.

To top it all off, this lunatic actually charged the man with resisting arrest.

Both officers involved here should be fired, and thrown in prison.

Aguilar, for blatant assault and unlawful arrest (kidnapping, in this writers opinion), and his partner- for witnessing a crime and failing to uphold the law and arrest his coworker for assault.

Original report here (Video at link)


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