Sunday, September 02, 2012

Nebraska wrongly convicted Darrell Parker in 1956

Nasty law-enforcement went for a quick conviction rather than investigate the evidence

On behalf of the state of Nebraska, Attorney General Jon Bruning publicly apologized Friday to Darrel Parker who was wrongfully convicted in 1956 for the murder of his wife Nancy.

Bruning filed an offer in the Lancaster County District Court, requesting that $500,000 plus $1,700 in statutory costs be awarded to Parker under Nebraska’s 2009 Wrongful Conviction Act.

“Today, we are righting the wrong done to Darrel Parker more than 50 years ago,” Bruning said. Under coercive circumstances, Parker confessed to a crime he did not commit, Bruning said. Parker, 80, recanted his confession the next day and maintained his innocence since.

He spent nearly 14 years in prison. He was paroled in 1970 and the State of Nebraska Pardons Board voted unanimously to give him a full pardon in 1991.

Bruning noted the state’s decision was informed by available records, including a confession to the crime from convicted murderer Wesley Peery.

While serving on death row for the murder of Marianne Mitzner of Lincoln, Peery confessed to killing other women too. His confessions, initially protected by attorney-client privilege, were made public in 1988 after Peery died of a heart attack.

Bruning said Nancy Parker was murdered in the same method as Peery’s other victims - raped, bound and strangled.

Peery did work around the Parker’s home in 1955. After Nancy Parker was murdered, he was questioned by law enforcement and released.

Also, in law enforcement records discovered earlier this year, 14 witnesses identified a vehicle matching the description of Peery’s was near the Parker house at the time of the murder, Bruning said.

“We hope this acknowledgement of his innocence will provide some measure of closure for Mr. Parker and his loved ones,” Bruning said.

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