Friday, September 14, 2012

It takes a lot for a British cop to be pulled into line

A stalker was able to scour police databases for information about his 41-year-old victim while he volunteered as a special constable.

David Hoar, also 41, of Stoke Newington, north-east London, loitered near her house and workplace and said he was her partner, the woman said.

The Tower Hamlets officer also looked up the mother-of-two's contact details and turned up at events she was attending, she claimed.

Hoar pleaded guilty at Snaresbrook Crown Court in July to using police databases to unlawfully search for her, but is yet to be sentenced. In one day alone he made 27 enquiries and accessed her records 51 times in total between May and August 2010, the court heard.

The woman said Hoar first appeared on her doorstep, claiming he knew her at primary school, but she had no recollection of him back then.

She claimed the Metropolitan Police 'ignored' her complaints about Hoar and he used a police badge to get into events she was attending.

The woman, who said she even moved house in a desperate bid to escape him, added: ‘Hoar just walked into my life and ruined it.

‘He’d hang around outside my house and job and told people we were together - even though I’ve been with my partner for years. ‘I moved, changed jobs and stopped going out with my friends. I’m on antidepressants, I’m not sleeping and I’m suffering from anxiety.’

She claimed to have often called police about him, but believed he accessed those complaints to find out her contact details.

Hoar pleaded guilty to a Computer Misuse Act offence and his sentencing last month was postponed for a mental health assessment to take place. A spokesman for Snaresbrook Crown Court told MailOnline that Hoar is due to be sentenced on September 26.

The specific charge he pleaded guilty to was 'causing computer to perform function with intent to secure unauthorised access'.

The victim said she had expected to be called as a witness in a trial, but only found out he had been at court after reading a story about the case in a local newspaper.

She added: ‘I asked for help but was ignored. He asked for help and he’s being assessed at a hospital.’

A Hackney police spokesman said: ‘After establishing whom the suspect was, Hoar was issued with a harassment warning on September 10, 2010, by an officer at Hackney.

‘The Directorate of Professional Standards - the Met’s internal complaints and anti-corruption department - and Hoar’s supervisor at Tower Hamlets were informed of the outcome.’

Hoar left his job as a special constable in October 2010.

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