Monday, September 24, 2012

Black British cop steals from the dead

A police officer cousin of England footballer Darren Bent stole £250 from a flat where a man had died.

PC Richard Bent, 28, told a colleague: 'No disrespect, but he's dead', after swiping the bank notes from the central London home he was guarding.

Detectives investigating the sudden death of Rustam Cihhudy, asked Bent to collect medical notes from the Westminster flat, and the policeman took his chance to pocket the money.

Bent, whose mother is the aunt of England and Aston Villa striker Darren, and who admits the theft, was based at Belgravia Police Station at the time of the theft on July 13 this year.

His colleagues set a trap for Bent as he returned to the station to book in the medical notes.

Bent was handed a lost bag by an undercover officer posing as a member of the public containing £93, which the PC promptly pocketed.

‘He is a serving police officer and the two thefts were committed while on duty’, prosecutor Emma Scheer told Westminster Magistrates Court today.

‘This is abuse of trust in relation to the fact he is a police officer, which is quite significant.’

Bent was arrested outside Bank tube station in central London, after skipping out of his shift early on July 13 to cash in his stolen money.

Ms Sheer said: ‘The £250 stolen was in old money and needed to be exchanged for new money.'

‘The first charge is a theft from a deceased person, Mr Cihhudy, while on duty providing cordon services.

‘PC Bent was positioned on the cordon guarding the property and obtained the keys to the property.

‘He took the medical notes that he was requested to do.’

Mr Cihhudy’s death was initially treated as suspicious after he collapsed unexpectedly at a flat in Page Street, Westminster, but was later adjudged not to be a police matter.

Bent, wearing a shirt and tie covered with a black jumper, initially gave no indication of a plea and asked for the case to be transferred to the crown court.

But district judge Nicholas Evans insisted the case could be dealt with at the magistrates’ court.

He admitted two counts of theft - in respect of the £250 and £93 amounts - but denies swiping a bank statement, three cheque books, and a passport from Mr Cihhudy.

Bent, from Wandsworth, southwest London, was suspended from the Met Police when the accusations came to light.

Judge Evans ordered him to return for sentence on September 26 and released him on unconditional bail.

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