Tuesday, September 25, 2012

8 years as a "suspect" ruins man's life

He should not have been named unless there was enough evidence to bring him to court

SINCE he was named as a prime suspect in the murder of Corinna Marr, former Messenger photographer Derick Sands' life has "disappeared". That is what Mr Sands has told the Supreme Court in a defamation hearing.

Police named Mr Sands as a suspect in the murder in May 2004, seven years after Ms Marr was killed on Friday, July 4, 1997.

Mr Sands took the stand yesterday in the defamation case he brought against the State of South Australia.

"I've lost nearly every one of my friends from that period," Mr Sands said. "With relatives, I find it a bit difficult - I'm a little bit embarrassed by what's gone on."

Mr Sands lost his job in 2004 after he was named as a suspect, and is now unemployed.

Yesterday, he told the court he had attempted to set up a private photography business, which failed after police seized computers and back-up copies of his photos.

"When there is publication in the newspaper regarding the murder and myself I tend to lose clients very quickly," Mr Sands told the court yesterday.

"My life has just disappeared and all of this is just taking too long. It's not been a terribly good number of years at all."

He told the court the current trial had also had an impact on his relationship with the mother of his child.

The case, before Justice Trish Kelly, is continuing.

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