Monday, May 09, 2016

'Rude' police officer faces disciplinary action after 'failing to respond to a stabbing half a mile from her base

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A police officer accused of ignoring calls to a fatal stabbing less than half a mile from her police station is to face a disciplinary hearing.

Father-of-three Andrew Else, 52, died after Ephraim Norman launched an unprovoked and savage attack on him, stabbing him 200 times as he stepped off a bus near his home in Croydon, south London.

But Sergeant Kirsten Treasure, 42, allegedly refused to allow officers to respond to reports of the attack in 2014 - ordering them back and claiming other duties, such as policing the town centre, took precedence.

Mr Else was getting off a bus close to his home in Croydon, following a night out at the pub with friends in April 2014.

Ephraim Norman, 24, pounced on him before stabbing him to death.

At a misconduct hearing on May 16, Sgt Treasure is also set to answer allegations she she made 'untrue statements' in respect of investigations on January 11 and April 8, 2014.

The Met Police has now revealed she will also stand accused of a series of other allegations which including making 'derogatory and unpleasant' comments about fellow officers as well as members of the public on 15 different occasions.

And the force says she ignored a call to police assistance to the fatal stabbing on April 24, 2014, and later refused to investigate a crime and arrest a suspect in May that year.

The hearing, in Fulham, west London, will also consider whether she asked an officer for names of colleagues who had complained about her before pressuring an officer not to give damning evidence against her.

Officers at Addington Police Station grabbed their kits and began heading to the scene after hearing reports that Mr Else had been stabbed. But Treasure, based in Croydon, allegedly ordered them back and said that other duties took precedence.

Mr Else's widow Clare said police did not tell her they remained in the station while he lay dying. She previously said: 'Had they been a few minutes earlier they might have been able to save my husband's life. 'They would have got there in a matter of minutes. My family goes to the church [next to Addington Police Station] so I know it takes no time at all.

'I took the worst knock I could ever take that night but this has shocked me.'

Norman, from Croydon, was detained indefinitely under the Mental Health Act in February last year after admitting the killing.

In April last year the Met's Directorate of Professional Standards passed Treasure's case to the CPS, which decided she should not face criminal charges.

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