Sunday, May 01, 2016

Dashcam video shows Chicago cops slam fugitive woman to the ground after she had been shot twice in the chest AND Tasered

It seems to me that gaining full control of such a troublesome person justified some force. After a long chain of bad behavior, it is a lot to expect that a small example of good behavior will be respected.

Newly released dashcam video shows a Chicago police officer slamming an unarmed robbery suspect to the ground after she got out of a car with her hands up.

The woman was fleeing an armed robbery of a McDonald's restaurant - for which she was later convicted - and allegedly tried to strike an officer with her car prior to her violent arrest.

Video of the 2011 arrest was released Friday by the Chicago Police Department, after the incident was recently brought under a new independent review.

The video shows Jacobs getting out of her car with her hands up. An officer approaches with his gun drawn and, using his free hand, grips her by the collar and slams her to the ground on her stomach.

The arrest came after Tiffani Jacobs, 34, fled the scene of the robbery along with her boyfriend, Floyd May, 43.

At one point during the chase, she threw cash out the window, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

While trying to outmaneuver the cops, she allegedly sped toward an officer who was on foot.

That officer opened fire, hitting her twice in the chest. She continued to flee until other officers caught up with the car.

Officers then shocked her several times with stun guns because, they said, she ignored their commands to show her hands, which were pinned under her body.

Jacobs told investigators the officers also used a Taser on her after she was handcuffed.

She was hospitalized and treated for two gunshot wounds to the chest.

Jacob's mother, Sandra Jacobs-Jones, told the Sun-Times her daughter is learning-disabled and that she 'lost her teeth' when cops 'beat her face in the ground.'

The investigation by the Independent Police Review Authority found the officer who opened fire was justified in doing so because his life was in danger.

Two of the officers involved in the woman's arrest have been stripped of their police powers pending the new review.

The Chicago Police Department has been under intense scrutiny over excessive force cases and is under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department.

The department's new interim chief, Superintendent Eddie Johnson, is trying to increase openness and rebuild trust after several cases of excessive force, particular against African Americans.

The department has promised to implement some reforms recommended by a task force set up by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and Superintendent Johnson has begun reviewing past use-of-force investigations, including the one involving the 2011 arrest caught on a patrol car dashboard camera.

'After reviewing video footage from the investigation, the superintendent found that the officers' actions in apprehending one of the offenders — who is now serving time in jail — concerning,' said a police statement accompanying the release of the video and police reports.

The officers taken off duty during a new review were the one who slammed her to the ground and one of the officers who discharged his Taser.

Jacobs was convicted of armed robbery and is serving a 12-year prison sentence. May was also convicted and is serving a 25-year sentence.

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