Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Again:  No Apology from bungling British cops

Bungling armed police raided the home of a woman's house looking for guns - only to find a litter of tiny kittens instead.

Eight officers turned Holly Sanders' home upside down after breaking down her front door with a battering ram. But the officers were left red-faced when they failed to find any weapons and instead discovered just eight new born kittens asleep in her bedroom.

When café worker Holly returned to her flat she was put in an arm-lock by an officer and told they had a warrant to search her home for firearms.

Holly said: 'When the officers realised the most dangerous thing in my flat were the kittens they looked really embarrassed.

'I'm sure they got the wrong address. My cats were really scared and my flat looked like it had been burgled. If I wasn't so angry about what happened I'd probably laugh.'

Armed police in riot vans swooped on Holly's one-bedroom flat in Woodmans Green, Droitwich, Worcester, at 10.15am on April 28.

She explained: 'I was at work and had no idea what was going on until my sister phoned to say one of her friends had walked past the property just as it was being raided.

'I just said "No, it wouldn't be my home." But then another friend contacted me who lives on the green saying the same. 'I had to drop everything - thankfully I have a very understanding boss. 'I just kept thinking that it was not going to be my home until I saw there were eight armed officers.

'I was so concerned for my four-week-old kittens I rushed upstairs to check on them, but one officer grabbed my arm and wouldn't let go.

'He forced it behind my back and threatened to arrest me on the spot but I was so angry and upset. He sat me down and told me they had a warrant to search for firearms.

'Never in my life have I had a firearm. I've never been in trouble with the police. But they didn't give me any explanation why they thought I had one.

'I felt useless while they were going through my personal belongings and when they left it looked like I had been burgled.  'It was an absolute mess. I cried when they left because I was so embarrassed because all my neighbours had seen. 'I don't know anyone who would have firearms, I don't know why they thought I would have them.

'The police clearly got the wrong flat but I haven't received an apology or explanation. The least they can do is put their hands up and say sorry.'

Holly added: 'What was really upsetting was that the kittens have made their home in a drawer in my bedroom. 'The police had clearly opened it and then slammed it shut trapping them inside.  'Luckily they are all okay but it was such an over-the-top reaction.'

West Mercia Police confirmed it raided Holly's flat as part of an 'intelligence-led warrant'.  A force spokeswoman said: 'A warrant was executed at a property on Woodmans Green on Thursday, April 28, 2016.

'Standard procedures were followed and nothing was seized from the address. The occupier was provided with a copy of the warrant.

'No formal complaints have been received and if the occupier does have any concerns, we would encourage her to contact our Professional Standards Department so they can be formally addressed.'

Original report here

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