Friday, September 04, 2015

UK: Negligent police dog handler

A six-year-old schoolgirl has been left with horrific leg injuries after being mauled by a police dog as officers chased a joyrider.

Phoebe Malone was pounced on by the Greater Manchester Police Alsatian while officers were chasing a suspect in Newton Heath, Manchester, on Tuesday evening.

The youngster, who was playing outside her home with friends when the incident occurred, was left with '10 wounds' to her legs after being bitten by the out-of-control animal.

Her mother Sarah said she was taken to hospital after being bitten by the dog at about 7.55pm and needed her wounds dressed by nurses.

Mrs Malone was inside the family home when the incident occurred and was only alerted when her son saw the dog attack out of the window and shouted: 'Mum, Phoebe's been bitten by a police dog'.

Mrs Malone added: 'I ran out and the next minute she was just sat on the chair and there was loads of police around her and she was just shaking.

'They asked me if I could get her in the house because she's cold, we need to get her warm.  'She's got 10 wounds, two of them very deep, they said if it was two inches more, it could have gone for her arteries, so it was serious.  'I'm still shocked,' she added. 'I just can't believe it's happened to a little girl, let alone my daughter.'

Mrs Malone said her daughter was 'traumatised' and criticised the police for releasing the dog close to where children play.

She has now demanded a full force-wide review into the training for dog handlers.

Greater Manchester Police confirmed the incident occurred while officers were pursuing a man who ran away after a stolen car crashed into a wall. Officers failed to catch up with the offender and confirmed he had not been arrested at the scene.

The force said that an internal investigation has now been launched into the incident.

A spokesman said: 'Shortly after 7:55pm on Tuesday, police began a pursuit of a stolen Fiat Punto on Briscoe Lane, Newton Heath before a short time later the car crashed into a wall on nearby Blackstone Walk and the driver ran away.

'A police dog was deployed to pursue the offender and during the chase a six-year-old girl was unfortunately bitten.

'The girl was taken to hospital and kept in overnight for observation.  'Her injuries are not believed to be serious.'

'An automatic referral has been made to the Greater Manchester Police Professional Standards Branch.'

Original report here

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