Sunday, September 27, 2015

Man in prison denied medication.  Dies

Xanax and Klonopin are just benzodiazepines, related to Valium.  So providing them should have been no problem.  Providing Methadone, an opioid, may have had other issues.  One notes that a  2009 Cochrane review found that methadone use did not affect risk of death.  Authorities may have been aware of that. So the person below could be said to have died of his heroin addiction, or side-effects of that

A disturbing case of police negligence has rocked America after footage emerged of a man who slowly died in his cell after being jailed over a traffic offence.

David Stojcevski, 32, was sent to prison for thirty days for failing to pay a $US772 fine stemming from careless driving. But the Michigan man was a drug addict and was taking prescription drugs Methadone, Xanax, and Klonopin to treat his addiction. Without his badly needed medicine, he began having hallucinations, lost over 20 kilos and his body eventually shut down.

Stojcevski was under self-harm watch due to a misdiagnosis of mental instability, not drug addiction, and jail officials were supposed to be watching him constantly, reports WDIV Detroit.

He should have been checked every 15 minutes. Instead police seemed to take little notice of his erratic behaviour and despite being under constant video surveillance, he died in his cell after 17 days.

The family is suing the county “for a substantial amount” their lawyer Robert Ihrie told CBS. “This is shameful, substantial and unconscionable neglect,” he said.

The lawsuit was filed earlier in the year but the story broke Thursday with the video below. The family says they want the public to see the footage from inside the cell, but some may find the vision confronting.

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