Monday, April 27, 2015

Three British cops charged with stealing money during raid

Phillips has form, a conviction for stealing on duty in 2014

A CARMARTHENSHIRE police officer has denied charges of stealing £30,000 in cash during a police raid along with two other officers.

Police Constable Christopher Evans, aged 37, of Llangennech, along with another PC and a sergeant from South Wales Police are alleged to have taken bundles of notes from the home of a suspected criminal.

Cardiff Crown Court heard former Detective Sergeant Stephen Phillips, PC Michael Stokes and Christopher Evans (pictured) were arrested as part of an ongoing investigation carried out by their own force's professional standards department.

Phillips, aged 46, from Swansea, is the most senior rank of the three to be charged with "theft by a serving police officer".

PCs Christopher Evans and Michael Stokes, from Glynneath, also face charges of theft by a serving police officer.

Phillips, Evans and Stokes were released on bail at Cardiff Crown Court to stand trial on June 15.

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