Thursday, April 23, 2015

Homeowner is handcuffed after being gunned down by police after she shot estranged husband 'who broke into her house and tried to kill her'

A homeowner was gunned down and handcuffed by police after she

blasted her estranged husband who allegedly broke into her house and tried to kill her.

Lisa Skinner, 52, shot the male home invader, who has now been identified as her estranged husband Bradley Skinner, 59, after he broke into the house she shared with her mother around 6 p.m.

Police said Mr Skinner was armed with both a pistol and a large knife. According to, his injuries are life threatening but she is expected to survive.

Police said the incident unfolded when her husband broke the glass out of a back door of the home in South Huntsville, Alabama, to get inside.

Officers say Mrs Skinner armed herself with a shotgun then went into the garage, where he followed her and aimed his pistol at her. She then opened fire with a shotgun, hitting him in the chest, causing life-threatening injuries. Her mother ran from the house in the 2500 block of Bonnie Oaks Drive to a neighbor's house and called 911.

Officers from Huntsville police arrived on scene and heard gunshots ring out and saw Mrs Skinner in the garage holding the shotgun.

They demanded that she drop her weapon but when she turned toward them with the gun in her hand, at least one officer fired at her, wounding, but not killing her.

A spokesman for the Huntsville Police Department, said that the couple was estranged and the woman had been living at the home with her mother.

Mrs Skinner also had a protective order against her estranged husband, according to WHNT 19 News.

Meanwhile, the officer who shot the woman has been placed on administrative leave.

According to Mrs Skinner, a science teacher at Arab High School, lived in fear of violence from her estranged husband.

Records show that she had filed for multiple orders of protection against him and planned to take time off from her teaching job to protect her students from his violent temper.

Mrs Skinner's petitions to the court describe her estranged husband, who she was divorcing after almost 11 years, as a 'clever, gifted manipulator' who was heavily armed.

In February, a Madison County judge prohibited Mr Skinner from going within 100 yards of the Bonnie Oaks Drive home where Sunday's shooting occurred.

Police said he violated that order when he broke into the home, which belongs to his mother-in-law, armed with a handgun and a large knife.

Mrs Skinner described him as a 'mercurial' man who abused alcohol and prescription and illegal drugs and said he had begun speaking about his death.

She wrote: 'On [February 18] he began talking about dying and had often mentioned that he wanted to 'take out all of his enemies and die by PoPo,' meaning he wished the police would kill him after he had killed his enemies. I am certainly now an enemy.'

And as recently as Friday, Mr Skinner had been ordered - again - to have no contact with his estranged wife or her family. He was also ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation prior to a court hearing next month in the couple's divorce.

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