Thursday, April 02, 2015

Australia: Couple’s night of terror investigated by Police Ombudsman

A YOUNG woman who was allegedly sexually assaulted and her boyfriend, who was coward-punched trying to defend her, are angry police are not investigating the incident.

Although they contacted police twice on the night of the attack and three days later, Nick Fernie, 28, and Caitlin Somerville, 22, said police told them they have no record of the assault which happened in the city on a Saturday night earlier this month.

The incident and police reaction is now being investigated by the Police Ombudsman following a complaint by Mr Fernie’s family.

A SAPOL spokeswoman said "police are precluded by law from making any public comment’’ about cases under investigated by the Ombudsman".

"While any investigation is a matter for the Ombudsman, it is important to note there are always two sides to every story,’’ the spokeswoman said.

Ms Sommerville, 22, said she was "terrified’’ by the attack on her boyfriend by two strangers and "angry’’ that police had "done nothing’’ to investigate or even have a record of the incident.

"I’d at least like an apology from the police that they stuffed up,’’ Ms Sommerville said.

The couple were walking along North Tce in the early hours of March 15 when the two men approached them and asked directions to the RAH.

One of the men then began aggressively groping Ms Sommerville’s bottom before Mr Fernie told him to stop.

As the couple crossed the road to avoid trouble the thugs pounced and Mr Fernie was hit with a coward punch from behind and then kicked while on the ground, in front of several witnesses, one who confirmed the incident to The Advertiser.

The men then ran away towards the RAH.

A dazed Mr Fernie immediately rang 000 at 2.21am and the couple waited for a squad car at the scene for 20 minutes in the hope they could go to the RAH with officers and identify their attackers.

After no police arrived the couple decided to go inside and caught up with friends at a nearby club.

Mr Fernie rang police again at 5.07am to see what was happening in response to his earlier call.

"I was told during the second call that there are CCTVs in the area but it seems there’s no interest from police and these guys got away with it,’’ Mr Fernie said.

"It makes you wonder how often does this happen — people are assaulted and nothing happens?’’

When Mr Fernie called three days later to see if police were following up the attack he said police told him they had no record of the incident and no further action was being taken.

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