Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Shocking video shows the moment police shot dead an unarmed, black pastor

I suspect this is another case where a dickless Tracy is the problem.  Because they are much weaker physically, female police are much more nervous of a confrontation and tend to be quick on the trigger as a result, often without good reason. The woman below should be permanently disarmed, at a minimum.  

Blacks for their part have to realize that experience makes cops very nervous of them and need to be very careful not to do anything that could be misconstrued.  The guy below did not start out well by walking away from the police with his back to them.  Had he instead engaged them in a polite conversation, he would be alive today

UPDATE:  The dickless Tracy has now been charged with first-degree manslaughter

DRAMATIC video shows the moment an unarmed pastor was shot dead by police while walking with his hands in the air.

The video shows Terence Crutcher walking toward his SUV with his hands up and Officer Betty Shelby following behind him.

Police were responding to a report of a stalled vehicle in the middle of the street. As Crutcher approaches the SUV, more officers walk up and Crutcher appears to lower his hands and reach down and place them on the vehicle. It appears one of his hands then drops down towards his stomach.

Crutcher can then be seen dropping to the ground.

In dashcam vision released by the Tulsa Police Department someone on the police radio says, “I think he may have just been Tasered.” Someone can then be heard saying, “Shots fired.” Crutcher’s head then drops, leaving him lying completely out in the street.

After that a voice can be heard on the police radio saying, “Shots fired. We have one suspect down.”

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan confirmed Crutcher was shot to death by Shelby, a white police officer, and that Crutcher was not armed and no weapon was found in his vehicle or on his body.

Crutcher’s family is calling for a federal investigation and criminal charges against the officer.

His twin sister, Tiffany Crutcher said that her is family is devastated over his death and that the public needs to know that he was a loving father and son who sang in church each week.

She says the family is asking for “peaceful protests” over Terence Crutcher’s death.

Protesters are now calling for the immediate arrest of the Tulsa officer. We the People Oklahoma organiser Marq Lewis called for the “immediate” arrest of Officer Shelby. Shelby has been on paid administrative leave since the shooting.

About three-dozen protesters gathered outside the county courthouse to call for police reforms.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma is also calling for criminal charges saying Crutcher was left to bleed to death while officers stood by without rendering aid.

ACLU of Oklahoma Executive Director Ryan Kiesel says Crutcher’s death shows “how little regard” Tulsa police officers have for minority communities.

A Tulsa police spokeswoman, Jeanne MacKenzie, said she couldn’t comment on whether officers have a set protocol on when to provide medical assistance.

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