Friday, September 23, 2016

Looks like PC Savage is a real berserker

Footage emerged today apparently showing the same police officer who was filmed smashing the windscreen of an innocent driver wrongly accusing another black man of stealing his own scooter.

Kyle Adair-Whyte claims he was handcuffed near Haverstock Hill in North London while an officer, believed to be the man known only as PC Savage, called for backup.

The 24-year-old alleged that he was 'humiliated' on the street despite him doing nothing wrong - and being able to prove that the vehicle was indeed his own.

It comes after another clip appeared to show the same officer screaming at driver Leon Fontana to ‘get out of the car’ before smashing his windscreen in Camden.

The officer now faces an Independent Police Complaints Commission inquiry and is on restricted duties after it emerged Mr Fontana had a legal driving licence.

Father-of-two Mr Adair-Whyte, 24, said he was detained for almost half an hour on September 4 because the officer believed the scooter he was pushing was stolen.

He said: ‘He is ignorant to how his actions affect society and unaware of people’s personal space. To come up and just grab someone is just wrong.

‘I was crossing the road with the bike and he wasn’t able to see any damage to the scooter. He grabbed my wrist straight away and told me to stop.’

Mr Adair-Whyte claimed the officer then took the keys out of his scooter and accused him of being a thief before detaining him for about 25 minutes.

He added: ‘He called back up and humiliated me on the street when I hadn’t actually done anything wrong. I told him to think about what he was doing.

‘He represents us. But when I saw the video of him smashing the windscreen I knew he hasn’t learned anything from what I told him.

‘I don’t want guys like that to police our streets. I don’t feel safe with people like him around. PC Savage accused me and said the bike was not mine, even though I could prove that it was.

Mr Adair-Whyte continued: ‘He was aggressive and ignorant of people’s boundaries I think he has misunderstood his powers.

‘In that video he showed he can be violent. I have two children, I’m worried for them with police like that. Some officers do not value what they are doing.

‘They do not understand the repercussions of their actions. I want to know that the police value me as much as I value them.

‘It’s the nature of living in London, looking out for one another and the police are supposed to be at the forefront of that.’

The 25-year-old posted a video on Facebook showing the officer ordering him to get out of his car, which has since been viewed more than one million times

Mr Adair-Whyte admitted he was sentenced to two years in prison in 2013 for possessing a weapon and served 18 months.

He added: ‘I’m not an angel, I’ve done some silly things, but years later we should not have to suffer for it. We should be treated as normal members of society.’

The clip was made by social enterprise 4FrontMedia, whose director Temi Mwale said: ‘This is about the issue of stop and search. Black people are being targeted.

‘I’ve had calls in the middle of the night from people asking for our help. Young people are not surprised by the video and neither am I.

‘This sort of treatment is a daily occurrence. Feeling like you are racially discriminated against every day affects your mental health.’

A Metropolitan Police spokesman told MailOnline today: 'MPS is aware of a second video appearing on social media and its contents are being assessed.'

Earlier this week, Mr Fontana spoke of his 'terror' after the officer smashed in his windscreen and said he refused to leave his vehicle because he did not feel safe.

Mr Fontana was pulled over by officers in Camden in a case of mistaken identity, and the video of him being told to get out of his car has been viewed 25million times.

In the clip, the officer can be heard listening to a message over his radio informing him the driver only holds a provisional licence.

But Mr Fontana has had a full licence for more than two years – and he said he spent the evening in hospital after getting glass in his eyes.

The officer in the clip has since been put on 'restricted duties' and his use of force will be examined, the Metropolitan Police has said.

Scotland Yard said officers stopped the car thinking the driver was of interest to them but later realised he was someone else.

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