Tuesday, April 19, 2016

U.K.: Bouncers slam a bleeding man's head off a pavement as he screams out in pain

One imagines that the victim had been making an asshole of himself but the bouncers appear to have gone too far

A shocking video has surfaced showing bouncers kicking a bloodied man and slamming his head off the pavement outside a branch of McDonald's.

Footage captured on a bystander's phone shows a doorman pinning the man to the floor in an arm hold as he yelps in pain, pleading for him to stop.

Another bouncer is then shown giving the man a kick in the ribs outside the fast food outlet in Blake Street, York.

As the man cries to be let go, one of the bouncers can be heard calling him a 'silly boy'.

The video was captured by York resident Andrei Osborne, who asks the door staff to 'leave him alone'.

At this moment, the bouncer who kicked the man realises he is being recorded on camera and approaches Andrei before knocking the phone out of his hand.

Andrei put the footage up on Facebook, calling it 'a video of brutality displayed by the bouncers of McDonald's'. It has since been viewed more than 500,000 times.

A McDonald's spokesman told the York Press: 'We can confirm that an incident took place outside our restaurant in Blake Street and we are supporting the police with their investigation.

'The company who employ the door staff are also aware of the incident and an internal investigation has been launched.

'Whilst this investigation is ongoing, the individuals in question will not be working at any of our restaurants.'

A police statement confirmed the matter was being investigated, adding: 'A 28-year-old man was arrested at the scene and released after accepting a caution for assault.'

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