Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Canada: Boy, 12, attacked by K-9 after it chased him through his garage and into the kitchen where it tore into his thigh - but the dog WON'T be put down

A police dog who chased a 12-year-old boy into his home and attacked him probably won't be euthanized.

Ali Hassan was playing outside with his siblings when he saw the unleashed dog chasing after him.

He told CTV Calgary that when he realized the dog was chasing him, 'I just started running for my life'.

The K-9, a Belgian Malinois named Marco, who lives in the neighborhood with a police handler, chased Ali through his garage and into the kitchen, according to CTV News.

The dog, who has worked with police for a year, then began biting the boy on the back of his thigh.

Ali said he tried to hit the dog in the face but it wouldn't stop biting him until his father, Mustafa Hassan, punched the animal several times in the stomach.

The police handler who lives with the dog then ran into the home and took it away.

Ali's family are calling for the dog to be euthanized but Calgary Police Service Chief Constable Roger Chaffin said the animal likely won't be put down.

Police are conducting an internal investigation, but Hassan said the sudden attack 'broke the safety of the neighborhood' and he hopes police consider euthanizing the animal.

Ali was transported to hospital and treated for injuries to his leg.

The dog has been moved to a quarantined kennel while police investigate.

Neighbor, Rhiannon Iuliani, who lives beside the police handler and saw the animal chase the boy told CTV that she had never seen the animal loose.

'It has always been in to the kennel, in to the truck and off to work, and it's never really been exposed to the street at all,' she said.

The dog may be transferred to another agency, according to police.

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