Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Girl Guide leader who sent hate mail packed with razor blades to herself that led to an innocent woman being locked up avoids jail

I hope the sentence is appealed.  She did a lot of harm.  The police are also to blame for acting on no evidence

A girl guide leader who sent herself threatening letters containing razor blades in an 'manipulative' stunt which landed an innocent woman in jail has today walked free from court.

Glesni Phillips, 20, sparked a major police inquiry by writing bogus hate mail from an imaginary stalker which led to female police officer Kaylie Davies being arrested.

The 27-year-old spent a night behind bars, had her computer seized and spent two months on bail before police realised Phillips was sending the 'disturbing' letters to herself.

Today, the Brownie leader, from Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, avoided jail 'by a whisker' as the judge branded her actions 'disgraceful and manipulative'.

Judge Jonathan Furness: 'Everyone was taken in by your behaviour and the police arrested Kayleigh Davies, a Special sergeant. It was demeaning and belittling for her to be locked up by her own colleagues.

'She went off work with anxiety and depression as a consequence of your false allegations. This was attention seeking, it made you feel good. It is a pathetic story.'

Swansea Crown Court had heard how Phillips, who was also a volunteer with St John Ambulance, initially went to police to report one threatening letter.  She then told them about a second letter which she claimed told her she was being 'watched'.

Officers soon began suspecting Miss Davies, whose car was spotted near Phillips' home. The pair knew of one another but were not friends and did not spend time with one another.

The court heard how the probe then escalated when Phillips was sent another letter containing razor blades, which apparently told her to 'use them.'

Despite Miss Davies being arrested over the letters, the court heard how Phillips did not tell police about the error. She even continued to complain to police about made-up allegations, including that someone had burgled her house and that she had been attacked on a clifftop.

Prosecutor Janet Gedrych said: 'Phillips was made aware of the arrest but did not tell the police they had made an error.

'She continued to complain to police that she was being stalked and that someone had burgled her house and scrawled offensive words on the walls.

'She later claimed she had been attacked while taking photographs on a clifftop at the seaside village of Solva. More than 10 officers were involved in the search for her attacker which involved dog handlers.

'But the police became suspicious of Phillips and during an interview she admitted writing some of the letters.'

Phillips sat with her head bowed in the dock as she admitted perverting the course of justice. James Jenkins, defending, pleaded for her not to be jailed because she had never named Miss Davies as a suspect.

Phillips, who was in court with her parents, was given a 12-month suspended sentence and ordered to carry out 240 hours unpaid work. She was ordered to pay £1,100 compensation to Miss Davies.

Miss Davies said after the case: 'I am disappointed - I expected her to go to jail for all the stress and worry she caused me. 'What she did will affect me for a long time, I feel as if I can't go back to working with the police after this.'

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