Monday, November 23, 2015

British dickless Tracy who killed a young motorcyclist when she reversed in her marked police van is banned from driving for a year but keeps her job

A police officer convicted of causing the death of a young motorcyclist has kept her job. PC Patsy Blakeborough made a U-turn in her marked police van and collided with Scott Gibson, 23, who died of multiple injuries at the scene.

A misconduct hearing yesterday determined that she had committed gross misconduct. She was given a final written warning but retained her job with Cumbria Constabulary.

PC Blakeborough was found guilty of causing death by careless driving after a trial in August.

She was was given a 12-month community order, 180 hours unpaid work, was banned from driving for a year and ordered to pay costs of £2,800.

She appeared before a panel of Cumbria Police’s Assistant Chief Constable Darren Martland, Detective Superintendent Andy Slattery and independent panel member Brian Collins.

Barney Branston, presenting the case for the Chief Constable, told the hearing that PC Blakeborough failed to consider the location and potential for high speed vehicles on the A590 at Melton Brow, Cumbria.

Mark Aldred, defending, said PC Blakeborough was 'of the opinion the road was clear'.  Mr Aldred made reference to public and five police witness statements concerning the high speed that Mr Gibson had been travelling at.  He said a member of the public had been shocked by the 'phenomenal' speed.

A father and son said they felt Mr Gibson had been travelling at around 80mph in a 40mph area. Mr Aldred said the witness had remarked on a 'devil may care' attitude and his son had said 'someone is going to die'.

The hearing was told traffic police on another part of the A590 had flashed Mr Gibson to slow down and given a hand signal but there was 'no reaction'.

They assessed he was travelling at around 100mph when the limit was 60mph. The likely speed at impact was believed to be around 70mph.

After the panel returned with the gross misconduct finding, the defence called Superintendent Rob O’Connor, who told of PC Blakeborough’s exemplary career record with the police, which includes numerous commendations for bravery, professionalism and performance.

Supt O’Connor read statements from her superiors describing her as an 'outstanding officer', a 'key member of the team' and 'highly regarded'.

They said her professionalism continued after the incident in April 2014.  The South Cumbria commander said: 'She is an excellent officer and a valuable asset of the constabulary. That is what I have seen first hand.'

When PC Blakeborough was asked if she wanted to comment she struggled to through tears but said: 'I do regret what happened.'

Assistant Chief Constable Martland said the panel had considered all aspects, including the impact on Mr Gibson’s family, the trust in the police force and the impact on PC Blakeborough and her family.

The panel also expressed their condolences to Mr Gibson’s family.

PC Blakeborough was told she would have to carry out a full driver training programme at the end of her disqualification.

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