Monday, October 05, 2015

Settlement not reached for wrongfully convicted man seeking more than miserly Oklahoma wants to give

City attorneys say one man’s efforts to be given more than a million dollars for a wrongful conviction went unresolved.

Sedrick Courtney and his attorney walked in silence Tuesday as they left the courthouse after a day full of negotiations where a solution was not reached.

"Both sides I think worked very hard. Both sides came in good faith to look at it. Judge Wilson did a great job. He worked very hard. We just, we just couldn't get there today."

In 1996 Courtney was convicted of robbing a woman at her east Tulsa apartment and spent 16 years of his life behind bars.

Under the Innocence Project, Courtney was able to uncover DNA evidence that ultimately proved his innocence.

The state only provided $175,000 for damage, so Courtney sued the City of Tulsa and individual police officers, saying that the Tulsa Police Dept. didn’t do its job in investigating the case.

Attorneys for Courtney are heading back to New York but say they will continue to negotiate over the phone.

"We can resolve the case over the phone if the judge is willing and the other side is willing."

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